A Trip through the Fantastical Gardens of Northern India with Renny Reynolds

The noted landscape architect, event planner and author leads us on an exploration of the region’s horticultural wonders.

by Elaine Louie
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Jorge Sánchez Plants Palm Beach Beautifully

The landscape architect discusses his career highlights and approach to garden design just before the release of his sumptuous new book.

by Jennifer Ash Rudick
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Welcome to the Beguiling Tropical Gardens of Raymond Jungles

True to his name, the landscape architect strives to create verdant spaces where it looks "like nature is winning."

by Jane Garmey
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How Thomas Woltz Is Shifting Landscape Architecture

The dapper designer has reimagined the shape of parks, private estates and corporate headquarters around the world.

by Norman Vanamee
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The Site-Specific Style of Thad Hayes

A connection to nature and training in landscape design inform the aesthetic of this sought-after Louisiana-born, Manhattan-based decorator.

by Amanda Benchley
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Our Late-Summer Reading Roundup, Part II: Design Books That Will Get You Daydreaming

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, August is all about ripeness and the beginning of the true harvest season. And right now, good books are nearly as plentiful as zucchini in our vegetable gardens. The four volumes below all have seductive beauty as their theme, whether it’s the angular lines of a pioneering modernist or the actual flora in a guide to appreciating plant life in the broadest sense.

by Ted Loos
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Luciano Giubbilei Goes Back to His Roots

In his quest to learn all he can about plants, the landscape designer is getting his hands dirty in an experimental flowerbed.

by Julie L. Belcove
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Mario Nievera Creates Gardens Worthy of Great Houses

The landscape designer has a gift for luring even the most cosseted homebodies into the great outdoors, from Palm Beach to East Hampton.

by Ted Loos
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Outdoor Modern

In the 1950s, as backyard patios replaced old-fashioned front porches, furniture makers like Brown Jordan, Knoll, Salterini and Woodard rode the tide of postwar optimism with venturesome designs that today are having a fashion comeback.

by Cara Greenberg
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