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East Hampton Retreat
Country House by Amy Lau Design in East Hampton, NY

Devoted art and design collectors’ tranquil Hamptons oasis soothes in its envelope of natural, sandy hues enriched by sporadic moments of bold color and form.

For a pair of avid collectors, Amy transformed a summer and weekend residence in East Hampton into a relaxing contemporary retreat with exceptional furnishing pieces. Both the client’s and Amy’s knowledge of and sensitivity to mid-century design were essential in creating this light-filled space. Amy kept a neutral base palette to make the rooms appear larger and emphasize their modernist furnishings. Astonishing collectors’ pieces from Prouvé, Kagan, Borsani, to Paulin and Nakashima fill each room with quintessential post-war and modern design. Precisely selected fabric colors, detailed accessory groupings and an exquisite art collection harmonize in a vibrantly curated overall design.

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Photography: Thomas Loof