Black Sculptures

Ancient Greek Marble Torso of Goddess Aphrodite, 100 BC
Ancient Greek Marble Torso of Goddess Aphrodite...
Antique 15th Century and Earlier European Classical Greek Figurative Scu...
A Hellenistic marble torso of Aphrodite Anadyomene ("rising from the sea"), dating to the 2nd-1st century BC. Depicted nude, leaning slightly forwards, her curvaceous torso twisti...
Modern Commode in Marble and Powder Coated Steel from "Disused Collection"
Modern Commode in Marble and Powder Coated Stee...
21st Century and Contemporary European Modern Sideboards
Steel, Marble
This Avant Garde commode is made of Carrara marble and high-quality powder-coated steel. The function of this piece is more sculptural and decorative but at the same time, it can be ...
De Stijl Mid-Century Modern Herons Wood Lacquer Gold Metal, 1960s
De Stijl Mid-Century Modern Herons Wood Lacquer...
De Stijl
Vintage 1960s Italian Mid-Century Modern Animal Sculptures
De Stijl Mid-Century Modern Herons wood lacquer gold metal, 1960s. Measures: Height cm.52 , Height cn.30. base diameter cm.10.
Swedish Dragon Jousting Helmet, Origin Sweden, circa 1800
Swedish Dragon Jousting Helmet, Origin Sweden, ...
Antique 19th Century Swedish Grand Tour Mounted Objects
Brass, Leather
A Swedish dragon jousting helmet, origin: Sweden, circa 1800, all original leather and brass plate This helmet is adorned with a brass plate containing a coat of arms with the na...
Horned Leather Mask

Horned Leather Mask

By Majd Murad
Horned Leather Mask
Majd Murad
21st Century and Contemporary American Masks
Inspired by the Ram, the symbol of Aries. Dark reds and blacks drape this deliciously sinister Silhouette. This piece is wearable art, making it perfect for a masquerade, costume par...
Mirror Sculpture, France, 2016
Mirror Sculpture, France, 2016
21st Century and Contemporary French Modern Mounted Objects
Flat mirror plate, composed of a gold-brown base color glass with a lighter contrasting color added to create a diffuse-pattern patina. The mirror plate features several off-set “orb...
Open-Centre Agate and Amethyst Mineral Obelisk
Open-Centre Agate and Amethyst Mineral Obelisk
21st Century and Contemporary Brazilian Organic Modern Natural Specimens
Agate, Amethyst
This mineral obelisk is open from front to back with agate on the outside and amethyst on the inside.
Gandharan Stucco Head of the Buddha, 3rd-5th Century
Gandharan Stucco Head of the Buddha, 3rd-5th Ce...
Antique 15th Century and Earlier Pakistani Figurative Sculptures
A sublime Greco-Buddhist stucco head of the Buddha, ancient region of Gandhara, circa 3rd-5th century. A fragment of a larger statue, the Buddha's face is contemplative, with hea...
Locusta Migratoria, Grasshopper in White Arabescato Marble Made in Italy
Locusta Migratoria, Grasshopper in White Arabes...
Massimiliano Giornetti, Fiammetta V.
2010s Italian Animal Sculptures
Marble, Brass
Locusta Migratoria is a grasshopper in white arabescato marble Made in Italy. Designed by Massimiliano Giornetti, former creative director for the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo...
Art Deco Panther On Marble base
Mid-20th Century French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Spelter, Marble
An impressive 1930s Art Deco figure by the French Artist Maurice Font, signed to the marble base. Bronzed patina and in great condition this figure shows real quality. Maurice Font g...
Antique Italian Marble Sculpture of Terpsichore...
Antique 1890s Italian Figurative Sculptures
Marble, Carrara Marble
This beautiful Italian white Carrara marble sculpture of terpsichore bears the signature of the sculptor, T.Dini and late 19th century in date. It is raised on a stunning antique ser...
Lifesize Multicolor Marble Bust of a Roman Empe...
Early 20th Century Busts
A very fine lifesize marble bust of a Roman Emperor with Medusa face breast plate on front. Stock number: SC134.
Art Deco Silver Plated Bronze Panthers Bookends...
Vintage 1930s French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Art Deco silver plated bronze panthers bookends by Roger Godchaux. Fantastic pair of panther, Lionnes – bookends. Made by Roger Godchaux. Silver plated bronze with Portoro, Itali...
Iron Sculpture of a Cow, 20th Century
20th Century German Rustic Statues
Sculpture of a cow with horns, made of single horseshoes, welded together. The horseshoes are painted red.
Exposed Core Amethyst and Agate Mineral Obelisk
21st Century and Contemporary Brazilian Organic Modern Natural Specimens
Agate, Amethyst
Mineral obelisk with an exposed core of amethyst and an agate exterior.
George II Staircase Handrail Terminal from Devo...
Vintage 1920s English George II Mounted Objects
An English George II staircase handrail terminal in Gillows quality timber, circa 1740. This beautifully carved high quality item was purchased from The Duke of Devonshires attic ...
Iron Sculpture of a Donkey, 20th Century
20th Century German Rustic Statues
Sculpture of a donkey, made of single horseshoes, welded together. The eye and maul are painted white.
Capricorn by Walter Bosse
Walter Bosse, Hertha Baller
Vintage 1950s Austrian Mid-Century Modern Animal Sculptures
Capricorn by Walter Bosse Original condition.
Large Copper Mother & Child Sculpture signed R....
Mid-20th Century Dutch Mid-Century Modern Mounted Objects
An eye-catching, large copper sculpture made in the Netherlands. It is signed by the artist with R.E. 1967. This unique piece, made of high quality bronze colored copper, is hamm...
Antique Doll-Head Wall Light - "HeadLight" - Il...
Craig Jenkins
2010s Asian International Style Wall Lights and Sconces
Brass, Ceramic
A 'wall light' consisting of an antique ceramic doll head and brass fitting with a dark rustic finish. Looking through the eyes, the interior back has been gold-leafed. The fitting...
Art Deco, Cubist Lying Women Sculpture by Pablo...
Pablo Curatella Manes
Early 20th Century Argentine Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Art Deco, Cubist figure of a lying lady. Called by the Artist The Lying Nymph. Made between 1921-1926. Terracotta over a black wooden base. Bio: Pablo Curatella Manes (December 1...
Life-Size Marble Bust of a Roman Emperor
Early 20th Century Busts
A very fine life-size two-tone marble bust of a Roman emperor. Stock number: SC135.
Spelter Figure of a Water Bearer on a Pedestal ...
Early 20th Century Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
A 28 Inch spelter or zinc figure of a water bearer on a pedestal / marble with red glazed vase. This finely cast full bodied maiden with flowing hair is sitting on a red marble pedes...
'Cyclone' Wright R-1820 Aircraft Radial Engine ...
21st Century and Contemporary North American Industrial Mounted Objects
Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Sculpture made from an aircraft radial engine, the "cyclone" nine-cylinder Wright R-1820 manufactured by Curtiss-Wright in the 1950s. After a long time set a DC-3 "Dakota", this exce...
French Ceramic Black Cat
Antique Late 19th Century French Art Nouveau Animal Sculptures
A charming seated glazed ceramic black cat with yellow glass eyes and gilt bow around neck. What I find most appealing about this fellow is the rather serious look on his face. Frenc...
Large Pair of 19th Century Bronze Marley Horses...
Guillaume Coustou
Antique Late 19th Century French Belle Époque Sculptures
Brass, Bronze
A very impressive pair of French bronze marley horses after Guillaume Coustou the elder 1677-1746. Mounted on ebonized, boulle inlaid pedestals.
Important Pair of Tiffany and Co. Figures by Pe...
Tiffany & Co.
Antique 19th Century French Figurative Sculptures
Marble, Bronze
Figure holding scroll 23.5" tall. Figure holding oil lamp 23" tall. Measurement includes black base on each. Retailed by Tiffany and Co. each impressed with Tiffany mark and impre...
Monumental Bronze Sculpture of Diana of Gabii, ...
Ferdinand Barbedienne
Antique Mid-19th Century French Neoclassical Revival Figurative Sculptures
The realistic pose with stunning draping, foundry stamp and patent label on front and reverse, reduction mecanique, A. Collas Brevete, (Achille Collas 1794-1859) Ferdinand Barbedi...
Pair of Mid-18th Century Italian Carved Walnut ...
Antique Mid-18th Century Italian Rococo Figurative Sculptures
Bring new friends to your game room with this exceptional pair of antique fruitwood figures from Italy! Crafted circa 1760, the card playing sculptures sit on wooden bases for stabil...
Basketball Player Sport Trophy
Early 20th Century English Figurative Sculptures
Marble, Metal
A fine patinated metal sports trophy featuring a figure of a basketball player mounted to a square marble plinth base. Makes a great gift for a basketball player or sports enthusi...
Hollow Face, Italian Black Bronze Sculpture on ...
Giovanni Ginestroni
21st Century and Contemporary Italian Modern Figurative Sculptures
This hollow bronze sculpture, by the Italian artist Ginestroni, whose work has been exhibited in the Chianti Sculpture Park in Italy, represents part of a face that lets our imaginat...
Harry Bertoia Spray Sculpture with Rare Flat Ro...
Harry Bertoia
Vintage 1960s American Sculptures
Stainless Steel, Bronze
Harry Bertoia's spray sculptures are one of his most identifiable forms and this one has the additional appeal of the flat rounded bronze ends rarely found on the spray sculptures.
Dynasty Vase #2 - Water Colored Table Vessel Al...
Michael Young
21st Century and Contemporary Hong Kong Vases
As a new phase of his exploration of working in the medium of aluminum foam, Michael Young has created a new series of vases for Gallery ALL. The Dynasty series will make its global ...
Bronze Sculpture, Latin American, Mid- Century
Manuel Carbonell
20th Century American Mid-Century Modern Statues
A large and early bronze Modernist sculpture of a giraffe by Cuban American artist Manuel Carbonell. Carbonell's early sculptures where sand cast and unique. This is an edition of 1...
Bronze Sculpture "Orpheus"
Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse
Antique 19th Century French Neoclassical Decorative Art
Stone, Metal
"Orpheus" a fine antique 19th century French bronze sculpture attributed to Albert Carrier Belleuse (1824-1887). Rests on original polished slate base. Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse...
'Hexagram 4' Ceramic Wall Hanging in Matte and ...
John Sheppard
21st Century and Contemporary American Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
Based on the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text, this one-of-kind ceramic wall sculpture is composed of handmade stoneware blocks. Each block is individually finished with e...
18th Century Spanish Conquistador Carved Wood F...
Antique 18th Century Spanish Baroque Figurative Sculptures
18th century carved and painted wood Spanish Conquistador figure or sculpture. Measures: 35 inches H.  
Contemporary Abstract Welded Steel Sculpture by...
Scott Gordon
21st Century and Contemporary American Abstract Sculptures
Bend steel, found object 17 x 9 x 26.5 in. Artist statement I seldom use stock material, but prefer distressed and rusted steel that has been scarred, bent, and made imperfect. In ...
Contemporary Abstract Mixed Media Sculpture by ...
Scott Gordon
21st Century and Contemporary American Abstract Sculptures
Bird I wood, steel, carpenter’s level, bronze 12 x 8 x 31 in Artist statement: I seldom use stock material, but prefer distressed and rusted steel that has been scarred, bent, and ...
Lalique Gorilla Figure/Sculpture in Black Crystal
Lalique, Lalique
21st Century and Contemporary French Modern Animal Sculptures
Inspired by the fauna of the jungle, new wild animal sculptures have been added to the Lalique bestiary. The purity of the satin-finished and polished crystal, the brand's hallmark, ...
"The Wind" Stainless Steel Limited Edition Tabl...
Gil Bruvel
21st Century and Contemporary American Modern Abstract Sculptures
Steel, Stainless Steel
Dramatic, contemporary estate sculpture uses patinaed, unraveling ribbons of 316L grade stainless steel to evoke the sensation of wind on the skin. "The Wind" is one of a limited edi...
Royal Copenhagen Figurine Two Donkeys No 1486
Royal Copenhagen
Mid-20th Century Danish Art Nouveau Porcelain
Royal Copenhagen figurine two donkeys no 1486. Measures 21 cm x 18 cm (8" x 7")Design J.A. Heuch.
Bob Fowler Welded Sculpture, Signed, 1980s
Bob Fowler
20th Century American American Modern Figurative Sculptures
Steel, Paint
Bob Fowler, welded sculpture on wood base. USA, circa Welded sculpture, signed {BF}. Measures: 20 x 9.5 x 6 inches USA, circa late 20th century. Welded steel, red paint.
Small Hand-Painted Carved Bone Bust from Alsace...
Antique 19th Century French Empire Mounted Objects
Bone, Paint
A curious and enigmatic bust of a girl, carved out of bone, hand-painted and worn with time. Mounted on a metal pin with fluted base.
Rare Pair of Serpentine Grand Tour Molossian Ho...
Antique 19th Century Italian Grand Tour Animal Sculptures
Large-scale pair of Molossian Hounds' or 'Jennings Dogs' or on occasion 'Dogs of Alcibiades'. Carved out of beautiful green serpentine. Unusual charismatic pieces. Repairs to...
Horse Head Bronze Sculpture
20th Century American Mid-Century Modern Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Impressive bronze finished sculpture on marble base.
Russell Secrest Sterling Kinetic Sculpture Sign...
Russell Secrest
Vintage 1970s American Mid-Century Modern Mobiles and Kinetic Sculptures
Sterling Silver, Wood
Russell Secrest Sterling Kinetic Sculpture Signed 1970's USA. Impressed: Secrest sterling. I spoke with Lorna Secrest, his daughter, about her father's career and work. She informed...
Rolling Stones Wall Light Neon
21st Century and Contemporary French Wall Lights and Sconces
Wall light neon rolling stones. Exceptional piece.
24" Sculptural Wood Sphere in Creamwash by May ...
May Furniture
2010s American Brutalist Abstract Sculptures
This solid wood 24" round, lunar-inspired sculpture is a unique addition to any modern space for use as a decorative sculpture or abstract seat. Made in May's proprietary Maykume mat...
Figure on Motorcycle, Terra Cotta Sculpture by ...
Giovanni Ginestroni
21st Century and Contemporary Italian Sculptures
Handmade in terra cotta, this acrobat is performing a one hand stand on top of a motorcycle. This sculpture is hand-painted and fire enameled to enhance the detailed and precise desi...
Brazilian Wood Sculpture Pregnant Woman
Paulo Sérgio
2010s Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Paulo Sérgio is an artist from Brazilian backwoods, a very poor and dry region. In his works he usually represents the reality of his people and birthplace: Juazeiro, Pernambuco. “Pr...
Bust of an African Woman by Marguerite Acarin
Aristide Maillol, Marguerite Acarin
Vintage 1940s Belgian Mid-Century Modern Busts
Rare sculpture in black patinated terracotta by Marguerite Acarin (1904-1999) signed with her artist name Akarova. She was a dancer, sculptor and painter and was married to the arch...
Signed French Art Deco Gilt Bronze Panther Scul...
Vintage 1930s French Art Deco Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
French Art Deco bronze sculpture of a panther with a soft gilt patination on a marble plinth (Signature on Image 3).
Staffordshire Dickens Figures Mr. Pickwick and ...
Dudson Pottery
Antique 1840s English Early Victorian Figurative Sculptures
An amusing pair of 19th century Staffordshire figures of the Dickens' characters Mr. Pickwick and Sam Weller of the very popular Pickwick Papers. The figures were made by Dudson Pott...
Ten Wax Grape Clusters by Francesco Garnier-Val...
Francesco Garnier Valletti
Antique Mid-19th Century Italian Other Natural Specimens
Rare group of ten wax grape clusters, mid-19th century. The grapes are sculpted incredibly life-like in wax, some of the bunches retain their original labels. Francesco Garner-Vallet...
Floating Angel, Expressionist Figurative Lawn S...
Judith Brown
Vintage 1980s American Expressionist Figurative Sculptures
Judith Brown (1931-1992), dancer and multifaceted artist and sculptor, who had studios in New York City and Reading, Vermont, created this monumental sculpture from junked and crushe...
Fang Style Ancestor Figure, Gabon
Late 20th Century Gabonese Figurative Sculptures
Referred to as Byeri, this figure is a symbolic evocation of the ancestor, as well as a source of magical protection to the Fang people.
Gio Ponti Design for "Manifattura Rossi" A Bucc...
Gio Ponti
Vintage 1940s Italian Modern Figurative Sculptures
Carlo Alberto Rossi (Gubbio 1903-1970), Manifattura Rossi a Bucchero Female Sculpture after a Gio Ponti drawing, signed C. A. Rossi, circa 1940 Gio Ponti in the 1940s collaborated w...
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