Carved Study of a Scholar by Alva Studio
Carved Study of a Scholar by Alva Studio
Alva Studios
20th Century Sculptures
Plaster, Wood
Handsome carved study of a scholar on a wooden base by Alva Studio.
Alva Studios "Head of a Charioteer" Verdigris Bust...
Alva Studios
Vintage 1970s American Grand Tour Sculptures
Alva studios replica Roman verdigris bust on solid block stand of young Roman man, circa 1980. Titled Head of a Charioteer. Alva studios, formed by Virginia Morris Pollak and Alfred Wo...
Mid-20th Century Hellenistic Bust of Asklepios by ...
Alva Studios
Vintage 1980s American Hellenistic Sculptures
A museum reproduction of the fine monumental bust of Asklepios, Greek God of healing housed in the British Museum. The original, a part of a cult statue to the deity in Melos, Greece, d...
Alva Studios Replica Sculpture by G. Lachaise of t...
Alva Studios, Gaston Lachaise
Late 20th Century American Modern Sculptures
Gold Plate, Brass, Marble
This stylish sculpture is an authorized museum replica by Alva Studios and was produced in the late 1970s. The original by G. Lachaise is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. For best ...