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Purple Still-life Sculptures

Magenta Teddy Bear
Magenta Teddy Bear
Valay Shende
2010s Contemporary Still-life Sculptures
Inspired by his surroundings, Shende uses his body of work to capture the challenges and dichotomies that characterize India today. He is particularly interested in the striking divi...
Candy Rose - Blue on Red
Candy Rose - Blue on Red
Michael Kalish
2010s Abstract Abstract Sculptures
"Candy Rose - Blue on Red" — custom paint on layered laser cut aluminum — 32 x 32 x 7 inches. Edition of 18. Please contact gallery regarding availability. THIS IS A COMMISSION-ONL...
#1705 Coffee Nation
#1705 Coffee Nation
Susan Jane Belton
21st Century and Contemporary Realist Still-life Paintings
Mylar, PVC, Oil
Represented by George Billis Gallery, NY & LA -- This work is about what I do while I write letters and think about all these urgent, global concerns and feel frustrated and powerles...
Cardboard Only Dumpster
Cardboard Only Dumpster
Drew Leshko
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Enamel, Wire
Original miniature dumpster paper sculpture by Drew Leshko measuring 4"x 6" x 4". About the Artist // Drew Leshko is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based artist. Working from observat...
Big Dig #72
Big Dig #72
Peter Houk
2010s Contemporary More Art
Art Glass
Original Blown glass vessel with Graal technique. Peter Houk is the Director of the Glass Lab at MIT in Cambridge, MA.
Illumetric: Diamond
Illumetric: Diamond
Shana Mabari
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Illumetric: Diamond, 2014 Acrylic, Steel, LED lighting 10 x 10 x 11 feet (305 x 305 x 335 cm)   Edition of 3 Shana Mabari is a Los Angeles-based artist exploring the intersecti...
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