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Moncler Vintage Brown Puffer With Vest Size S

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  • VERONICA BEARD Colorblock Plaid Jacket USA w/ Removable Leather Dickey Zip Up 10
    Located in Asheville, NC
    Veronica Beard, Made in USA, Polyester/Viscose/Elastane, Green, Navy, Colorblock Plaid, Hook and Eye Closure on Jacket, Two Front Pockets (One with Flap), Zipper on Back, Size 10, Re...

    21st Century and Contemporary Jackets

  • Schiaparelli Haute Couture Black Changeant Faille Evening Jacket
    By Elsa Schiaparelli
    Located in New York, NY
    Schiaparelli Haute Couture Changeant Faille Jacket, 1938-39. "France gave me the inspiration: America gave me the approval" Elsa Schiapa...

    1940s French Jackets

  • Extraordinary Elsa Schiaparelli Haute Couture Evening Jacket
    By Elsa Schiaparelli
    Located in New York, NY
    "In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous" Elsa Schiaparelli,1930's. "Life has changed so much, A Schiaparelli was never made for the streets." Karl Lagerfeld, 1970's. 2 quotes,2 designers, 4 decades apart. 4 decades later. Although these quotes are highly debatable, especially in the context of today's high-low designer collabs and pop up retailing, iconic fashion endures. Whether now relegated to a museum exhibition, a collector's acid free box or a celebrity one nighter, these fashion artifacts from the french Haute Couture of the 1930's echo a time, pace and culture unrecognizable to most people today. Schiaparelli changed the definition of what it meant to be a designer at an important time in the evolution of the Haute Couture. Rather than simply making beautifully elegant garments (which she also did), she focused on the concepts behind the pieces. For her fashion was a fluid medium and she effortlessly blended fashion, politics and the fine arts. She was one of the most innovative and rebellious designers of the period working against what she considered the stale fashion currents of the day. She was elegant yet untrained. As a protege of Poiret, she gained entry into the world of Parisian fashion. While her rival Chanel was essentially uneducated and a “primitive” in the artistic circles in which she socialized, Schiaparelli’s impeccable social credentials as the daughter of an old and distinguished Roman family gave her a relatively easy entree into Paris society. She was a subversive, a punk, a desecrator, a collaborator, an innovator as well as the ultimate insider whose plans on design domination and creating "la zone rose" for the modern world were cut short by the advent of WWII. She was at the height of her influence and power showing 4 iconic collections in the last years of the decade. Fascinating to consider what the House of Schiaparelli could have brought forth in the following decades had the world not been swept away in turmoil at that moment. In the context of her short prewar career, few remaining masterworks have survived. The rare "moment" she created in the 30's lives on within each art piece, safelocked away within each stitch and sequin. Each design retains her spirit and legacy as a free thinking, modernist rebel who used the avantegarde as her platform in the most creative period of fashion design in the 20th Century. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rare and Important Elsa Schiaparelli Haute Couture...

    1930s French Jackets

  • RICK OWENS Avant Garde Distressed Leather Biker Jacket
    By Rick Owens
    Located in Berlin, BE
    Classic avant-garde biker jacket from Rick Owens. A true Rick Owens staple. This avant-garde jacket is made from a soft distressed lamb leather and features a concealed front zip closure, classic Rick Owens long sleeves...

    2010s Italian Jackets

  • NWT Chanel 15A Paris Salzburg jacket Size 40
    By Chanel
    Located in Merced, CA
    Chanel most wanted Paris Salzburg runway jacket. This is new with tags. It is adorned with embroidery throughout. Fabric is beautiful blend of 79% wool, 17% cotton, and 4% polyester.

    Late 20th Century French Jackets

  • Hermès silk jacket FR 40
    By Hermès
    Located in Rubiera, RE
    A very rare Hermès silk iridescent taffeta jacket with autumn leaves, vintage 90s Shawl collar, 3 mother-of-pearl buttons with logo, side pockets. O...

    1990s French Jackets

    Hermès silk jacket FR 40
    $1,322 Sale Price
    20% Off

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