Sorry, 1888 Cotton Applique Crazy Quilt-Top from Vermont is not currently available.
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Raymond Materson
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Raymond Materson taught himself to sew intricate miniature pictures while serving time in prison in Connecticut. By the time he was freed from incarceration he had a one person show...
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Antique pieced quilt. "Tumbling Blocks," Pennsylvania, circa 1885. 1000 of diamond-shaped pieces have been carefully organized by color and pattern to form this showpiece. A virtual ...
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“I came up with the idea as a toy for children,” says Mexican master wood carver Agustin Cruz Tinoco. As Mr. Agustin watches children and their imaginations run wild in the Oaxacan ...
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Beautiful black plate with hanger.
Antique Quilt: Sun, Moon and Stars.
Rare folk art textile made in Vermont by an unusually creative yet anonymous quilt maker. A "Rising Sun" in the center of this elaborately quilted spread sends out elongated rays to...