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Miniature Interior Diorama by Helen Bruce

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  • Original Butterfly Art by Nadine Kalachnikoff
    Located in West Palm Beach, FL
    Original butterfly art depicting different sizes of Monarch butterflies in a lucite shadow box by Nadine Kalachnikoff.

    21st Century and Contemporary American Shadow Boxes



  • Architectural Diorama of a French Street
    Located in Palm Beach, FL
    Rare and unusual antique diorama of a street in a neighborhood, in a city capturing a time and a place for centuries to come. Crafted with metal and pa...

    Early 20th Century French Archaistic Shadow Boxes



  • Rare Anthropological Diorama of Carib Indigenous by Hendrik Schouten
    Located in Amsterdam, NL
    Hendrik Samuel Schouten (1785-1840) A unique diorama depicting Carib Indigenous at the river side Wood, paint on paper, twigs and dried moss Measures: H. 51 x W. 69.5 x D. 20 cm Note: This is the only known diorama by Hendrik Schouten. He became a planter and inherited the Jagtlust plantation from his grandfather Samuel Loske. His older brother Gerrit Schouten...

    Antique Early 18th Century Models and Miniatures


    Paper, Paint, Giltwood, Wood, Twig

  • Pair of Framed Italian 23K Gold Leaf Renaissance Figures, 20th Century
    Located in Savannah, GA
    Pair of Framed Italian 23K Gold Leaf Renaissance Figures Depicting a Young Boy and a Girl, 20th Century

    20th Century Italian Decorative Art



  • Woven Textile Fragment. East European. 19th Century
    Located in St Annes, Lancashire
    Lovely textile sample Fabulous colours Great piece of folk art. Likely to be of East European origin. Possibly Balkan. In new white painted box fra...

    Antique Late 19th Century Balkan Folk Art Decorative Art


    Cotton, Wool

  • Antique 19th Century Infant Christening Gown Lace Baby Dress Shadowbox
    Located in Dayton, OH
    "Early 19th century infant’s white lace trimmed christening gown, frame in a shadowbox with robin’s egg blue background and a small dried nosegay of baby’s breath and blue silk flowers.  Measure: 31". Family history on reverse dates dress to 1819. ""Baby dress...

    Antique Early 19th Century Regency Shadow Boxes



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