Merkaba Star of David Diamond Platinum Drop Earrings

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Delicate Merkaba platinum drop earrings, tethered by a triangle stud, feature a single chain suspending a Merkaba star measuring 0.57 inches. Secure screw or La Pousette ear backs mirror the triangle motif. Set with a total of approximately 2.39 carats of round brilliant diamonds of F-G color and VVS2-VS1 clarity. Heirloom quality earrings, 1.5 inches in length, feature the three-dimensional star in motion, a symbol of universal light.
*Each Merkaba piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and unique serial number.
*Made by extremely skilled hands in the USA, Merkaba is a shining chariot for global unity.


Merkaba is the world's most precise and precious geometric jewels, made with love and the purest of intentions. It is our honor and privilege to bring to the world this most sacred geometric form.
The upward and downward interlocked tetrahedrons create a three-dimensional Star Of David. The Merkaba Star Of David represents the duality of existence—body and spirit—united in the harmony of a singular form. The top is male, the bottom female. Together, they are one light.
Since each of its corner points are equally distant from each of its others, in a sacred geometrical pattern, there is no strain or tension in the Merkaba. Only rest in equilibrium. It expresses the potential of a world of community and peace where no one is separate. All are one and one is all.
The Merkaba has been shared, taught and utilized for thousands of years and through many ages of life. All major spiritual systems place ultimate power in it. In the Bible, the Angel Ezekiel accessed the Merkaba to ascend to heaven. In the Torah, it is the chariot, the throne of God. The Zohar, the foundation of the Kabbalah, realizes that in awareness and selfless action you bring yourself closer to the very heart of the Merkaba. The purpose of Yoga is to save individual souls from the calamity of separate existence, the same ideal of unity symbolized by the Merkaba. Zen Buddhism is a path to enlightenment focused on meditation, to the same higher consciousness the Merkaba so beautifully represents.
The Merkaba is the most powerful symbol of spiritual evolution. It is not something you can read or learn about. It is something you must experience.

Discover the light. You Are The Merkaba.
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