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Swiss Open-Faced 18k Gold and Enamel Pocket Watch, by Martin & Marchinville

About the Item

A Swiss Open-Faced 18k Gold and Enamel Pocket Watch, By Martin & Marchinville Circa. 1880 This is an exquisite rare antique enamelled watch by Swiss watchmaker Martin & Marchinville. The circular gold gilt dial is adorned with a floral motif, black Roman numerals and spade hands. The watch has an engine-turned and chased decoration on the reverse with blue enamel, centred with an open 'vacant' cartouche and enamelled with a garland of flowers. and scrolling foliage. Inside the case is intricately engraved with italic scrolling signed Martin & Marchinville, Geneve with a jewel gilt Swiss design movement, numbered 445089. The watch has been acid tested as 18K gold, with a case diameter of 33.7mm. Martin & Marchinville were Swiss Horologists who featured in the ALMANACH DE L’HORLOGER / DE L’HORLOGERIE SUISSE 1867. We know they were commissioned by the royal court based on some exquisite pocket watches produced at the time with royal provenance. Pocket watches with Martin & Marchinville's movements exemplified the fine watchmaking of their era and cutting-edge techniques. The beauty of this mechanical pocket watch is that it pays tribute to the past while representing the future. This timepiece is truly an investment that speaks to you and is something to pass down to generations. This beautifully decorated timepiece is presented in a bespoke antique box. ------------------------------ Condition Report: Very Good, the enamel is intact with no signs of any deterioration. Some scratches inside the casing near the signature as depicted. 33.7mm (Diameter). Our certified British Horological Institute member watchmakers inspect each watch to ensure it is working before shipment, including final servicing, cleaning, and polishing. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ Provenance: From a private collection. ------------------------------
  • Creator:
    Martin & Marchinville
  • Metal:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 1.33 in (33.7 mm)Width: 1.33 in (33.7 mm)Diameter: 1.33 in (33.7 mm)Length: 1.33 in (33.7 mm)
  • Place of Origin:
  • Period:
  • Date of Manufacture:
  • Condition:
    Wear consistent with age and use. Very Good, the enamel is intact with no signs of any deterioration. Some scratches inside the casing near the signature as depicted. 33.7mm (Diameter). Our certified British Horological Institute member watchmakers inspect each watch.
  • Seller Location:
    London, GB
  • Reference Number:
    1stDibs: LU2800215790572
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