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Pas de Calais / Young Japanese Fashion Brand
Retail by Raphael Navot in Paris 03 Temple, FR

Following a first New York store, the young Japanese brand’s traveling spirit has settled in a first Parisian boutique located at 15 rue de Poitou in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Conceived as an echo of the Pas de Calais DNA, the 75 square-meter (807sq.ft.) space is informed by arte povera and the simplicity and authenticity of naturalmaterials within a mineral setting.

The space celebrates the natural character of fissured wood, corroded metal and limestone that is as powdery as chalk. Each material is worked naturally according to authentic artisanal methods, creating an ode to nature that has been caressed by time. The furniture is a collection of abstract shapes that underscore the imperfect precision of Pas de Calais clothing. The principal tableau is anchored by untreated exotic wood posed on two blocks of washed lava stones. The floating dao piece finds its counterpoint in wooden flooring in an organic patchwork of hand-cut blocks.

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Photography: Hélène Hilaire