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Patrick Perrin

Gallerist and Founder of PAD Fairs

Fourth-generation antiquaire Patrick Perrin is the founder and CEO of the prestigious Pavilion of Art and Design (PAD) fair, a biannual showing of modern art, furniture and design that the International Herald Tribune dubbed "the most intelligently conceived selling show in the Western world." This month's PAD Paris show will open on March 26 in the Tuileries, and will showcase works from more than 75 global exhibitors,including 14 1stdibs dealers. Perrin is also the owner of Galerie Perrin, a preeminent Parisian destination for antique and vintage furniture that has provided pieces for the Louvre and Versailles. In honor of the upcoming fair, we asked Perrin to apply his unparalleled expertise to shopping 1stdibs.
Armchair Designed by Wilhelm Lauritzen, Denmark, 1980s
Dimensions: H 6 ft. 10.5 in. W 5 ft. D 4 ft. 6 in.
Dealer Location: Stockholm, SE
Materials & Techniques: Mahogany
Wendell Castle Concrete Chair
Friedman Benda
Dimensions: H 30 in. W 4 ft. 2 in. D 38 in.
Dealer Location: New York, NY
Materials & Techniques: Concrete
Dimensions: H 29.25 in. W 31 in. D 28 in.
Dealer Location: Austin, TX
Materials & Techniques: Leather, Chrome
Andrea Branzi, Tree 3 Cabinet
Friedman Benda
Dimensions: H 31.5 in. W 5 ft. 5 in. D 10.63 in.
Dealer Location: New York, NY
Materials & Techniques: Aluminum, Birch
Paul Evans Cityscape Desk
Adam Edelsberg
Dimensions: H 29.5 in. W 4 ft. D 20 in.
Dealer Location: Providence, RI
Dimensions: H 20.75 in. W 18 in. D 17 in.
Dealer Location: Philadelphia, PA
Materials & Techniques: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: H 31 in. W 31 in. D 22.5 in.
Dealer Location: Aspen, CO
Materials & Techniques: Rattan, Metal
Dimensions: H 27.25 in. W 20.5 in. D 12 in.
Dealer Location: New York, NY
Materials & Techniques: Ceramic
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Patrick Perrin
Maarten Baas Clay Chair for Art Basel
Dimensions: H 35.04 in. W 15.75 in. D 16.54 in.
Dealer Location: LA Arnhem, NL
Materials & Techniques: Steel, Clay
Paolo Venini Inciso Vase
Dimensions: H 14 in. W 2 in. D 4 in.
Dealer Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Danish Coat Rack
Orange Furniture
Dimensions: H 41 in. W 39.5 in. D 3 in.
Dealer Location: Los Angeles, CA
Materials & Techniques: Glass, Iron, Teak
Sculptural Woven Heart Chair
Bridges Over Time
Dimensions: H 38 in. W 20 in. D 22 in.
Dealer Location: Palm Springs, CA
Materials & Techniques: Metal, Reed, Rush
Dimensions: H 18.9 in. W 15.75 in. D 7.09 in.
Dealer Location: Berlin, DE
Materials & Techniques: Brass, Mirror, Wood
Dimensions: H 8.75 in. W 5.25 in. D 5.63 in.
Dealer Location: Chicago, IL
Materials & Techniques: Glass
Dimensions: H 17 in. W 4.5 in. D 18 in.
Dealer Location: Chicago, IL
Materials & Techniques: Brass, Glass
Dimensions: H 4 in. Dm 8 in.
Dealer Location: San Francisco, CA
Dimensions: H 20.87 in. W 24.41 in. D 13.39 in.
Dealer Location: Paris, FR
Materials & Techniques: Brass, Leather
Art deco Danish Silver Watering Can
Glen Leroux Antiques Inc
Dimensions: H 10 in. W 12 in. D 4.5 in.
Dealer Location: Westport, CT
Materials & Techniques: Silver Plate
Dimensions: Dm 1.57 in.
Dealer Location: Los Angeles, CA
Metal: 18k Gold, White Gold
Elmwood Refectory Table
John J. Gredler Works of Art, Inc.
Dimensions: H 28.5 in. W 6 ft. 9.8 in. D 26.75 in.
Dealer Location: Stamford, CT
Chaise Longue by Poul Kjærholm for Fritz Hansen
Red Modern Furniture
Dimensions: H 34.5 in. W 26.5 in. D 5 ft. 1 in.
Dealer Location: Phoenix, AZ
Materials & Techniques: Leather
Dimensions: H 12.5 in. Dm 3.88 in.
Dealer Location: New York, NY
Materials & Techniques: Silver Plate
Josef Hoffmann's "Egg" Rocking Chair
IL Valore Aggiunto
Dimensions: H 42.52 in. W 26.38 in. D 43.31 in.
Dealer Location: Milan, IT
Materials & Techniques: Wood
Dimensions: H 31.25 in. W 22 in.
Dealer Location: London, GB
Medium: Photographic Paper
A set of Taxidermy Chamois Horn Plaques
Zus Korsten
Dimensions: H 8.27 in. W 6.69 in. D 7.87 in.
Dealer Location: Haarlem, NL
Large Vintage Cast Aligator Skull
Pamela Lerner
Dimensions: H 14 in. W 24 in. D 11 in.
Dealer Location: Bellport, NY
Materials & Techniques: Crocodile
Dimensions: H 15 in. W 9 in.
Dealer Location: Koeln, DE
Materials & Techniques: Brass, Metal
Large Turtle Shell
Darrell Dean Antiques
Dimensions: H 28 in. W 23.5 in. D 8 in.
Dealer Location: Kensington, MD
Vintage Turtle Shell
Dimensions: H 16 in. W 13 in. D 4 in.
Dealer Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Materials & Techniques: Natural Fiber, Shell
 Dining Table Attributed to Audoux Minet, France 1960
Michel Contessa Antiques and More
Dimensions: H 29.5 in. W 5 ft. 11 in. D 40.5 in.
Dealer Location: Miami, FL
Braided Rope Wall Mirror
Jon Howell Antiques and Design
Dimensions: H 9.75 in. W 16 in. D 1.5 in.
Dealer Location: Brooklyn, NY
Materials & Techniques: Glass, Rope
Audoux Minet Long Coffee Table in Perfect Condition of Rope
Galerie Andre Hayat
Dimensions: H 19.69 in. W 4 ft. 11.1 in. D 19.69 in.
Dealer Location: Paris, FR
Materials & Techniques: Oak, Rope
Dimensions: H 14.96 in. W 10.24 in. D 7.48 in.
Dealer Location: Saint-Ouen, FR
Materials & Techniques: Cord