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How can I tell if jewelry is antique gold?

1 Answer
How can I tell if jewelry is antique gold?
To tell if jewelry is antique gold, take it to a licensed appraiser experienced in evaluating jewelry. It is difficult to identify jewelry materials using only the naked eye and online resources. On 1stDibs, shop a collection of expertly vetted gold jewelry.
1stDibs ExpertApril 5, 2022
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Antique Victorian Garnet Snake Necklace
Located in Morgan, UT
AN ANTIQUE VICTORIAN GARNET SET SNAKE NECKLACE. This necklace is in great condition and has

Antique 1840s Unknown Victorian Chain Necklaces


Garnet, 14k Gold, 15k Gold

Snake Ring Antique European
Located in Southbury, CT
Much old jewelry becomes old jewelry of interest to nobody. Snake rings are one exception; they are

Antique Late 19th Century Victorian Wedding Rings


Diamond, 18k Gold

Antique Yellow Gold Snake Ring
Located in Geneva, CH
Yellow Gold Ring overall engraved modeled as a snake. Emerald eyes. Early 20th Century. Ring size

Early 20th Century Art Nouveau Fashion Rings


Ruby, Yellow Gold

Antique Baroque Pearl Diamond Snake Brooch
Located in Chicago, IL
circa 1885 The brooch is designed as a diamond-set silver snake coiled around a large baroque

Antique Late 19th Century Victorian Brooches


Diamond, Pearl

Diamond Persian Turquoise Victorian Snake Bracelet Gold Antique Entwined Snakes
Located in New York, NY
A very rare and wonderful antique Victorian Diamond and Persian Turquoise Double Snake Bracelet in

Antique 19th Century British Victorian Bangles


Diamond, Turquoise, Gold, 9k Gold

Antique Snake Bracelet Double Head and Body 18k, 1880s
Located in North Hollywood, CA
This gorgeous snake bracelet is unusual as it is a double serpent/snake head and body. This

Antique 1880s British Art Nouveau Cuff Bracelets


White Diamond, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, 18k Gold

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