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How should I dress for a ’70s party?

1 Answer
There are a few options for how you should dress for a ’70s party. You can go for the hippie look with dramatic bell-bottoms, fringed jackets and vests and embroidered blouses, or try a sporty look by pairing a vintage tee with high-waisted, button-fly flared jeans and clogs or platform shoes. For a straight-from-the-disco aesthetic, look for surplice and halter dresses decked out in sequins. Men can make a 1970s-inspired statement with a leisure suit or bell-bottoms matched with a turtleneck. Aviator sunglasses are great accessories for both men and women. On 1stDibs, explore a selection of 1970s apparel and accessories.
1stDibs ExpertApril 5, 2024