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How do you clean Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather?

3 Answers
To clean any water marks or dirt stains from the Vachetta leather on your Louis Vuitton bag, use baby wipes that are free from oil, alcohol and fragrance. Gently rub the leather in circular motions, giving extra attention to the stained spots but making sure to treat all of the leather to avoid an uneven finish. Allow the bag to dry naturally before wearing it.
1stDibs ExpertJanuary 4, 2022
To clean Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather, follow the care instructions provided by the brand. Each bag has unique care requirements listed on a care card included in the original packaging. Basic care instructions also appear on tags sewn onto or inside of Louis Vuitton accessories and bags. On 1stDibs, shop a collection of Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather goods.
1stDibs ExpertMarch 22, 2022
If needed, clean Vachetta leather with a slightly damp cloth or baby wipes. One of the characteristics of Vachetta is the development of a patina, or natural darkening, over time. Avoid cleaning this leather with any chemical-based product as Vachetta is very delicate. Shop a collection of authentic Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather pieces on 1stDibs.
1stDibs ExpertApril 5, 2022