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What is Bohemian ruby glass?

2 Answers
In the 19th century, Bohemian glassmakers produced a ruby shade of glass by using copper. It was carved and enameled in the decorative Bohemian style. You’ll find a variety of Bohemian ruby glass products from some of the world’s top sellers on 1stDibs.
1stDibs ExpertApril 5, 2022
Bohemian ruby glass refers to any ruby-colored example of Bohemian glass. Bohemian glassware originated in the Czech Republic in what used to be known as Bohemia. Glassmaking traces back to the 13th century in the region and continues to this day. On 1stDibs, you’ll find a collection of Bohemian glass from some of the world’s top sellers.
1stDibs ExpertApril 5, 2022