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What made Halston famous?

1 Answer
What made Halston famous was a piece he made for a high-profile client. In 1961, Jackie Kennedy wore a pillbox hat he designed for President John F. Kennedy's inauguration, launching designer Roy Halston into the spotlight. Less than a decade later, after hats fell out of fashion and sales plummeted, Halston launched his own ready-to-wear line and opened a ​​Madison Avenue boutique. One of Halston's early successes was the sexy Ultrasuede shirtdress, an unassuming adaptation of a man's oxford shirt introduced in 1972 that became a fashion staple for the well-dressed woman. Ultimately, it was his seductively simple nightlife designs that made Halston an international name. Often cut on the bias or sewn with single seams, his garments were constructed to flatter the female form like no evening gowns that had come before, popularizing such styles as the halter dress. On 1stDibs, explore a collection of Halston apparel.
1stDibs ExpertApril 22, 2024