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Untitled (Self Portrait Contact Sheet)
Untitled (Self Portrait Contact Sheet)
Chuck Close
1990s Contemporary Portrait Prints
This is an iris print by the contemporary master, Chuck Close. It was conceived from the original contact sheet from Close's very first self-portrait. It is gridded into frames, on...
Columbine: The Mystery of Five (Abstracted Still Life Photo of Flowers)
Columbine: The Mystery of Five (Abstracted Stil...
Lisa A. Frank
2010s Contemporary Abstract Photography
Archival Ink, Digital
Archival digital print 40 x 37 inches, edition of 15 Additional sizes available 42 x 39 x 1 inches framed - Dry mounted, custom white wood frame with non-reflective glass. This con...
The Tide
The Tide
Eugene Healy
21st Century and Contemporary Abstract Mixed Media
'The Tide by Eugene Healy is an abstracted seascape with calming colors of grey, blue, orange, yellow and white. The painting is created with oil and fabric on canvas, 21 x 19 in (fr...
French Riviera, 2009
French Riviera, 2009
David Drebin
21st Century and Contemporary Photography
C Print
Edition of 15 Signed on artist’s label David Drebin’s distinctive work combines voyeuristic and psychological viewpoints, in addition to vast cinematic landscape, offering the viewe...
The Petitioners 1
The Petitioners 1
David Stern
2010s Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Cotton, Oil
David Stern (Germany, b. 1956), "The Petitioners 1", Oil/ Cotton, 71 x 82, 2016 Keywords: figurative, cabalistic, mysticism, gestural, painting, action, pigments,heavy, impasto, gev...
Library 10#
Library 10#
Zsofia Schweger
2010s Contemporary Interior Paintings
Zsofia Schweger (b. 1989, Szeged) is a Hungarian artist based in London. Zsofia had lived in the US for 5 years and studied at Wellesley College in the Boston area, before she moved ...
"Retreat from Marignano" set of 3 Copper Plate Prints
"Retreat from Marignano" set of 3 Copper Plate ...
Ferdinand Hodler & R. Piper & Co.
1910s Symbolist Figurative Prints
The three prints included in this set are: "Retreat from Marignano", "Retreat from Marignano (left panel)", "Retreat from Marignano (right panel)". 2018 marks the centenary annivers...
"Scholar Rocks 31", painterly abstract landscape monotype, red, yellow, violet.
"Scholar Rocks 31", painterly abstract landscap...
Randy Williams
Early 2000s Contemporary Abstract Prints
Color, Etching, Intaglio, Monoprint, Monotype
Scholar Rocks 31 is a, lively, painterly abstract landscape monotype printed over an etched grid, inspired by the Chinese tradition of a rock, smoothed by the passing waters, symboli...
"Year of the Monkey", Figurative Ceramic Sculpture with Colorful Glazing
"Year of the Monkey", Figurative Ceramic Sculpt...
SunKoo Yuh
2010s Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain, Glaze
The ceramic sculptures of SunKoo Yuh are composed of tight groupings of various forms including plants, animals, fish, and human figures. While Korean art, Buddhism, and Confucian be...
The Firestorm of Peshtigo
Eric Edward Esper
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
The Firestorm of Peshtigo October 8 1871, the same night of the Great Fire of Chicago, and The Michigan forest fires. A cold front moved in from the west fanning land clearance fires...
Cypress Yellow
John Henry
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Machined Aluminum Scuplture on a steel base 47.25 H x 20 W x 15.5 D Edition #3 of 6
Paper Vessels
Keith Young
2010s Contemporary Mixed Media
Mixed Media
Title : Paper Vessels Materials : Rice Paper, Tissue Paper, Prints, Shizen Screen Printed Paper Date : 2018 Dimensions : 36"×48" Description : Collage; Mixed Media Keith Young lives...
Phantom Zella
Blake Ward
2010s Contemporary Nude Sculptures
Gold, Bronze
The Shadow Phantom Bronze & 24 Karat Gold Leaf Unique Piece Height - 40.9 in (104 cm) Width - 7.5 in (19 cm) Depth - 17.3 in (44 cm) From the artist: "In the Spirit co...
"Three Waves" sculpture in bronze and silver by...
Richard Filipowski
1960s Abstract Sculptures
Cast and hand-collaged sculpture of phosphor bronze and silver by Richard Filipowski (1923-2008), executed, circa 1960-1965. Titled "Three Waves." Unsigned, with a certificate of aut...
Untitled (I sharpened my tongue to a very sharp...
Bill Costa
1990s Other Art Style Nude Photography
Silver Gelatin
Gelatin silver print Estate stamp in black ink, verso Also dated and inscribed "'I sharpened my tongue to a very sharp point…' -Genet," verso This photograph is offered by ClampArt,...
LV Mickey Moss
Chris Valle
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Portrait Paintings
Oil, Acrylic, Panel, Wood Panel
"My paintings explore the influence of television and mass media on our culture. I appropriate images from Louis Vuitton advertising that I believe contribute to the construct ...
The Hypnotist
Ron Blumberg
1950s Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil
The Hypnotist is a rare painting from the, “Psychological Series”�, of American artist Ron Blumberg which was executed from 1948-1952. The Hypnotist, is original oil on canvas, signe...
Vintage Warhol, Basquiat Exibition Poster
(after) Jean-Michel Basquiat
1990s Pop Art More Art
Poster for Andy Warhol/ Jean Michel Basquiat Collaborations published by Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich 1999 Silkscreen in colors on double weight linen paper; printed 1999 19.25 x 27 ...
Midnight, Forecastle
Frank Stella
1990s Minimalist Abstract Sculptures
Enamel, Paper, Acrylic
A sculpture by Frank Stella. "Midnight, Forecastle" is an abstract, acrylic, enamel and paper collage on aluminum, wall sculpture by American Minimalist and Abstract Artist Frank Ste...
Hunt Slonem
2010s Contemporary Animal Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Hunt Slonem, MOLUCANS, Oil on Canvas, 60.00 X 70.00 in, Gold, Red, Yellow, purple, Animals, figurative, Abstract, contemporary, fine art, hunt slonem Inspired by nature and his 60 p...
Muriel Maxwell,Ensemble by Sally Victor, Bag by...
Horst P. Horst
1930s Modern Color Photography
Color, Archival Pigment
Muriel Maxwell, Ensemble by Sally Victor, Bag by Paul Flato, Sunglasses by Lugene, 1939 by Horst P. Horst Archival Pigment Print Image size: 65.7 in. H x 50 in. W Sheet size: 76 in. ...
Lamentation (FS II.388)
Andy Warhol
1980s Pop Art Prints and Multiples
LAMENTATION 388 Lamentation 388 is one of three screenprints in Martha Graham series. The print features dancer Martha Graham, a great influence to modern dance as it is know today. ...
Beating it - while it's hot, Bavaria 2015
Ellen von Unwerth
2010s Contemporary Black and White Photography
Archival Pigment
Naked female blacksmith works with hammer and anvil to create an iron spider sculpture In "Heimat" (german for homeland) invites viewers on a photographic journey through her childh...
Interior with Iris and Sweet Peas
Bruce Cohen
2010s American Realist Still-life Paintings
Oil on canvas 60 x 36 inches COH042
Judith Berry
2010s Abstract Abstract Paintings
Wood, Oil
To trip and retrip on a piece of land, a surface, a support that sets up not a bounce but a billow, a soft surge, a reverberation where the ground is friendly, known, familiar and th...
Bernheim (Arboretum)
Don Pollack
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Don Pollack BIOGRAPHY Don Pollack is a Painter and Adjunct Associate Professor of Visual Communication at theSchool of t he Art Institute of Chicago. His work investigates among oth...
John Rawlings (Aarons Estate Edition)
Slim Aarons
1950s Modern Color Photography
1950, Fashion photographer John Rawlings (1912 - 1970) on the beach at Montego Bay, Jamaica. January 1, 1950, fashion photographer John Rawlings relaxes on a beach in Jamaica. He was...
Fingal's Cave, Staffa Island, off the Coast of...
Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond
Early 1800s Romantic Landscape Prints
Original engraving of a dramatic maritime view of Fingal's Cave, a natural wonder off the coast of Scotland in the Hebrides, renowned for its striking rock formations of faceted ver...
The Art of Finding Love vertical - red and chrome
Michael Kalish Editions
2010s Abstract Mixed Media
Mixed Media
Michael Kalish is an internationally acclaimed mixed-media artist based in Los Angeles. His passion for metal started with vintage car parts and license plates and evolved to more re...
First Impressions
Robert Freeman
2010s Abstract Figurative Paintings
First Impressions was part of Robert Freeman's Social Season Series. Freeman has been shown nationally for decades, and has been included in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts...
Joan Grubin, Detritus #4, Acrylic on pressed wo...
Joan Grubin
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Wood, Acrylic
Joan Grubin creates dimensional installations, objects, and smaller wall works that revolve around a collaboration between the physical presence of pigment on paper and the visible b...
Red Iris
1950s Still-life Paintings
5-2604 Oil on canvas board set in a vintage wood frame
Sailing Regatta at Pornic
Raoul du Gardier
1910s Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Raoul du Gardier was born into a family of diplomats, but knew from an early age that he wanted to be a painter. He was a pupil of Théobald Chartran, Jules-Elie Delaunay and traine...
Backlit Image Fashion Week Paris 2016
Kristy Sparrow
2010s Realist Abstract Photography
Photographic Paper, Silver Gelatin
Spectators in silhouette viewing an immense display of vintage camera flash accessories. By Kristy Sparrow, an American, Paris-based photographer. Signed and numbered by the artist. ...
British School
19th Century Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
BRITISH SCHOOL 19th Century HMY VICTORIA AND ALBERT INSPECTING THE FLEET OFF PORTSMOUTH Oil on canvas, dated Image size: 22 ½ × 33 inches (57 ×84 cm) Contemporary gilt frame HMY Vic...
Sekonic glass sculpture camera with Antique tripod
Josh Hershman
2010s Symbolist Figurative Sculptures
ARTIST‘S STATEMENT Joshua Hershman The optical qualities of glass have always been what attracted me to the material. Its color, versatility, and transparency make it one of the mo...
'Porto Ercole' Italy 1973 (Slim Aarons Estate ...
Slim Aarons
1970s Modern Color Photography
C Print
'Porto Ercole' by Slim Aarons A jetty juts out from the rocky shoreline at the Hotel Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole, Tuscany, August 1973. Beautiful greens of the sea water contr...
Sculpture; 'Rig I'
Kelly Bugden + Van Wifvat
2010s Abstract Abstract Sculptures
Gesso, Gold Leaf, Wood
The artistic collaboration of Kelly Bugden + Van Wifvat has produced a thought-provoking body of sculptures, paintings, and constructions. Nature, childhood memories, and everyday ar...
Chairs for Momo and Papa
Keith Young
2010s Contemporary Interior Paintings
Mixed Media, Handmade Paper, Rice Paper, Screen
Title : Chairs for Momo and Papa Materials : Rice Paper, Tissue Paper, Prints, Cut-Outs, Shizen Screen Printed Paper Date : 2018 Dimensions : 30"×48" Description : Collage; Mixed Med...
Wheel Thrown Porcelain Vessel with Original Pho...
Peter Olson
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Sculptures
Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain, Glaze, Mixed Media
As a professional photographer, Peter Olson has traveled the world many times over. From corporate culture to religious iconography, he finds meaning in the repetition of human expre...
Sidney’s Door (diptych)
Linda Touby
2010s Abstract Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Wax, Oil
“Sidney’s Door (diptych)” by Linda Touby, 2014. Oil and wax on canvas. 11 x 14 inches each. Touby’s series of white monochrome paintings are a conceptual reference to the artist’s l...
Train in the Sky
Stephen Mallon
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Color Photography
Photographic Paper, C Print
C Print Photograph 30" x45", edition of 5 C Print Photograph This photograph is from Stephen Mallon's series of photographs: "Next Stop Atlantic" which captures the retirement o...
Ushabtis Hetheru & Hathor
Blake Ward
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Ushabti Hetheru is the Goddess of Creation. She is associated with creation and fertility. Ushabti Hathor is the Goddess of Love. Hathor is a solar deity, the goddess of beauty, m...
Still Life with Lobster and Lemon
17th Century Old Masters Still-life Paintings
Canvas, Oil
After Joris Van Son (Flemish, 1623 – 1667) Still Life with Lobster and Lemon Oil on canvas Signed indistinctly ‘…. SO’ (on the table lower left) 23.3/8 x 29.3/8in. (59 x 72.5cm.)
Yuval Robichek
2010s New Media More Art
Digital, Giclée
Born in Haifa, Israel in 1959, Robichek’s illustrations come like a breath of fresh air in the often too heavy political climate of the Middle East. True to the mentality of the Tel ...
Pascal Pierme, Mural Sculpture, Mural Installat...
Pascal Pierme
2010s Abstract Abstract Sculptures
Wood, Mahogany
Mahogany mural installation by Pascal Pierme. Images showing: left side, right side, face view and how a similar piece is installed on the wall. Pascal creates an extraordinary ran...
Handcuffed, New York City, signed and editioned...
Leonard Freed
1970s Contemporary Black and White Photography
Photographic Film, Archival Ink, Archival Paper, Rag Paper, Digital, Arc...
Handcuffed, New York City, 1978 is a signed (verso) 20 x 16 archival Iris print by Leonard Freed. The lifetime print, printed 2000-2001, 19/100, was in a planned edition of 100 but ...
Abstract Red Painting
1980s Abstract Paintings
#5-2786 A contemporary red abstract acrylic on a wood board ,displayed in a vintage black -gilt wood frame,signed lower left by Flick
'Omar' - portrait of a man
Ivo Morrison
2010s Contemporary Portrait Paintings
'Omar', Ink on paper, 120x180cm. This painting is currently framed in a black wooden frame. Born in 1990, Morrison is a self-taught artist, based in London. Morrison spends long per...
Stefanie Schneider Minis - Moonwalk (29 Palms, CA)
Stefanie Schneider
Early 2000s Contemporary Color Photography
Plexiglass, Color, Lambda, Polaroid
Stefanie Schneider's Minis 'Moonwalk' (29 Palms, CA), 2006 signed and signature brand on verso Lambda digital Color Photographs based on a Polaroid Polaroid sized open Editions 1999...
Canyonlands III
Martha Rea Baker
21st Century and Contemporary Abstract Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic
can hang vertically or horizontally orange red yellow beige gray taupe Martha Rea Baker’s technique of choice is driven by her selection of mediums. She has successfully moved betwe...
Poem Teller
Quimetta Perle
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Polystyrene, Sequins, Video, Stretcher Bars
Quimetta Perle lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, and exhibits her mixed media work internationally. Her work has been shown in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Minnesota Museum ...
Russian Icon, late 19th century
1870s Other Art Style Mixed Media
Gesso, Gold Leaf, Wood, Oil
Russian Icon Oil on gesso on board, gold leaf on the background. “Life of St. Seraphim of Sarov” Late 19th century, 1870-1880 Measures: 28” H x 1.5” D x 22.5”.
Philip Colbert
2010s Pop Art Still-life Paintings
Pop artist Philip Colbert’s multi-disciplinary art projects have been acclaimed by an array of fashion icons, including Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Gaga, and have been featured in a numb...
Breaking Sky
Henry Isaacs
21st Century and Contemporary American Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Cranberry Island artist Henry Isaacs paints with energy, passion, and self-assurance. His style—broken brushwork and a palette of delicate blues, greens, pinks, and yellows—marks him...
Drinking Horse, Edition of 8
Tom Hiscocks
2010s Figurative Sculptures
Copper, Stainless Steel
An imposing sculpture of a Drinking Horse Bust. This is constructed from Copper plated steel, Highly polished steel and Portland Stone. This is a Limited Edition of Eight pieces of...
Frida Kahlo
Lita Cabellut
Early 2000s Portrait Paintings
One way or another, life confronts us with catastrophes so that we can learn to elevate the physical or psychological part of us as humans to a level that logic is incapable of reach...
Ivy King
Jan Pieter Fokkens
21st Century and Contemporary Abstract Landscape Drawings and Watercolors
Archival Paper, Permanent Marker
ABOUT I believe there is a deep lineage between modern art and the digital image. In essence there is something foreboding about the way the history of images feeds upon itself. It ...
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