Zack Whitford
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Limited edition Archival Pigment Print on Archival Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper. Signed and numbered by the artist. Edition size: 25

16" x 20" Print, Matted & Framed.

Zack Whitford is a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles. Before coming to California, he spent his early years in Massachusetts, as well as ‘on the road’ with his father, a member of the rock group Aerosmith.Zack’s career as a photographer began in 2011 when a hobby for the craft quickly transitioned into a full time job. His early work was purely freelance, focusing mainly on commissions and events. Eventually, he made his way into the music business where his work caught the attention of the member’s of Aerosmith and their management. Zack was reintroduced to the road-life but now as the Aerosmith’s official photographer.

Artist Statement:
"When I was much younger, and training to be a stage actor, my teacher said something once that has always stuck with me. He said:

'As actors, you are investigators of humanity.'

I found that to be quite profound and something that rang true with me. The statement just sort of...clicked. Since I've began my life as a photographer, photographing friends & complete strangers, the parallels between the art of acting and documentary photography have been obvious as both are about being completely in the moment.

Whether I am making a portrait of a monk in Bhutan or of an American rock star on the side streets of Istanbul, the one absolute parallel in what I am trying to convey to the viewer is the simple humanity found in one's eyes, body language or facial expression. That unspoken sense of 'Here we are - all in it together.
Recently, his work can be seen in Rolling Stone, Esquire, The Red Bulletin & The Hollywood Reporter.
Zack Whitford
Creation Year
Archival Pigment Print
Movement & Style
16 in. H x 20 in. W x 0.5 in. D
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Chicago, IL
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Hilton Asmus Contemporary
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