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Daniil Alikov
4-D Centroid - Mixed Media Sculpture


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  • Ice Bristles - Blue White 3D organic feel contemporary abstract mural sculpture
    Located in New York, NY
    Erin Vincent is a Toronto based-artist whose work draws on a variety of repetitive and labor intensive processes and materials. Things and common objects have always fascinated Vinc...

    2010s Abstract Geometric Abstract Sculptures


    Nylon, Resin, Acrylic, Wood Panel, Archival Paper

  • The Foundation
    By Gene Kiegel
    Located in Jersey City, NJ
    This arwork is a part of Vistiges art series. “Vestiges'' acts as a relic that evokes a nostalgic reminder of a life that once was. The series is deeply associative, attuned to our own sense of place and personal history through an aesthetic of transience, intimacy, and sentiment. The physical properties of “Vestiges” invite a closer look. Kiegel replaces the traditional canvas with a lightweight aerospace structural material that mimics the architecture of a honeycomb. A lateral view of its deep rigid hexagonal structure makes it appear as an abandoned, rusted piece of metal—only allowing its full depth to be seen from a direct view, like a synthetic silk veil...

    2010s Abstract Sculptures


    Metal, Gold, Copper, Steel

  • “Lozenge Land 2” Modern Abstract Blue, Green, and Orange Dimensional Op Art
    By Jeremy Kidd
    Located in Houston, TX
    Modern blue, green, and orange abstract op art landscape. Through using 3-dimensional elements and realistic shading techniques, Kidd is able to great an undulating, futuristic lands...

    Early 2000s Op Art Mixed Media


    Resin, Plaster, Acrylic, Wood Panel, Digital

  • BILLY, 1975 Constructed Mixed Media Painting, Wall Sculpture
    By Tom Holland
    Located in Surfside, FL
    BILLY, 1975, epoxy painting on riveted fiberglass and aluminum, titled signed and dated verso . Gallery label from Obelisk Gallery, Boston, MA Tom Holland (born 1936 in Seattle, Was...

    1970s Contemporary Abstract Paintings



  • Eiskalt
    Located in Wien, AT
    Die Arbeit Eiskalt, markiert für mich einen wichtigen Punkt in der aktuellen Entwicklung der Serie. Ich bemerke, dass mein Wunsch mit Objekten zu arbeiten immer deutlicher wird. Die ...

    21st Century and Contemporary Abstract Abstract Sculptures



  • Semi Truck, David E. Peterson, Abstract & Modern Colorful Wooden Wall Sculpture
    By David E. Peterson
    Located in Dallas, TX
    Semi Truck T10 by David E. Peterson features sculpture as abstract painting. This 3-dimensional wall sculpture looks bright, contemporary and amazing. Davi...

    2010s Contemporary Abstract Sculptures


    Wood Panel, Resin, Wood, Acrylic

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