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An intimate, triangle shard of milled timber brushed in black is incised with lines and cut through with a narrow, rectangular doorway painted in reflective gold. A small white cloud shape intersects the top of the triangle. Architectonic planes merged with organic shapes manifest here in a stage-like setting or a surrealist narrative.

Falkenberg is an established Canadian sculptor with roots in modern constructivism. Constructivism is an early 20th century movement that grew from the practice of Russian and eastern European sculptors. Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo were noted for their industrial geometric work that broke from traditional carved sculpture to explore pure form, materials, positive and negative space. Falkenberg, introduced to these modern concepts and forms early in his career, evolved to merge the modern constructivist vision with narrative. This piece, in which spires of white emerge from intersecting black flats, is aptly named Sagrada or sacred. Falkenberg, RCA, attended the Ontario College of Art and graduated in Industrial Design in 1965. Numerous solo and group exhibitions of his sculptures have brought national acclaim. His work is part of corporate and public collections including Imperial Oil, Orfus Investments and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. In 2004, Falkenberg co-founded the Durham West Arts Centre, a self-sustaining public art center in West Durham, Ontario. Commissions include Canadian Embassy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, Pickering Town Centre, Presidents Choice Office Tower, Government of Ontario, Dept. of Public Works, Bell Canada Data Centre and the Cadillac Development Corporation.

"At the Ontario College of Art I discovered art work as espoused by the constructivists of the early 1900's. I was quite captivated by the ideals of Walter Gropius, Antoine Pevesner, Wassily Kandinsky, and Naum Gabo, the founders and teachers of the Bauhaus School of Design. I also discovered the works of Anthony Caro and David Smith. They moved away from the figure, used new materials, and relieved sculpture from the plinth. I found all this very exciting. In my early work I manipulated space by the use of flat planes. I drew inspiration from the inherent spirit of the natural landscape, architecture, and the urban environment. My process of working is one of growth and transformation of the original concept to something that transmutes into a life of its own, with originality and spirit. I enter into a dialogue with the material and allow it great latitude in how it is going to let my concept manifest. As the work proceeds, it tells me the next step to take. There is a magic moment in the life of every new work, when it speaks to me and says “Yes! I exist! I can now take my place in this world. I feel whole and complete. This continuing series is slowly changing itself to reflect the environmental concerns of the planet. The blackened tree trunk is held in reverence, warning that this once precious life could be nothing but a burnt memory."


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    17 in. H x 10 in. W x 3 in. D
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    Bloomfield, Canada
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