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Sistelo Coffee Table

Modern Sistelo Coffee Table Oak Root Brass Handmade in Portugal by Greenapple
By Greenapple
Located in Lisboa, PT
Sistelo Coffee Table, Contemporary Collection, Handcrafted in Portugal - Europe by Greenapple. In

21st Century and Contemporary Portuguese Modern Coffee and Cocktail Tables


Stainless Steel, Brass

Modern Sistelo Side Table Oak Root Brass Handmade in Portugal by Greenapple
By Greenapple
Located in Lisboa, PT
Sistelo Coffee Table, Contemporary Collection, Handcrafted in Portugal - Europe by Greenapple. In

21st Century and Contemporary Portuguese Modern Coffee and Cocktail Tables



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Greenapple for sale on 1stDibs

The Greenapple furniture company creates captivating pieces using novel forms, colors and materials inspired by modern and Art Deco styles. Its unique 21st-century furniture combines luxury and an uncommon eye for design. Greenapple creates high-end furniture for homes, hotels and commercial spaces, with the tastes and needs of its clients considered in every step of the design process.

The furniture company was started in 2005, when Portuguese economists Rute Martins and Sérgio Rebola teamed up with the idea of employing traditional Portuguese craftsmanship to create beautiful bespoke furniture and decor.

Over time, Greenapple grew to a team of 30 craftspeople, all bringing their individual skills to each new design. A master woodworker, upholsterer and finishing specialist lead the team, with their work also passing down this expertise to the next generation of creators.

Greenapple challenges the uniformity of mass-produced furniture, such as in its playful forms for velvet-upholstered seating and wall mirrors that involve eclectic materials like green onyx, gold leaf and marble. Whether infusing complexity into the structure of a side table or bringing a silhouette of simple elegance to a set of uncomplicated dining chairs, Greenapple incorporates bold concepts and fresh ideas into every piece.

Greenapple has showcased its work around the world, including in Shanghai in 2018 for an Associative Design business mission. The company has an international clientele, including collectors in Asia, North America and across Europe. 

On 1stDibs, explore the vibrant luxury of Portuguese master craftsmanship with Greenapple seating, tables, lighting, decorative objects and more.

A Close Look at Modern Furniture

The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw sweeping social change and major scientific advances — both of which contributed to a new aesthetic: modernism. Rejecting the rigidity of Victorian artistic conventions, modernists sought a new means of expression. References to the natural world and ornate classical embellishments gave way to the sleek simplicity of the Machine Age. Architect Philip Johnson characterized the hallmarks of modernism as “machine-like simplicity, smoothness or surface [and] avoidance of ornament.”

Early practitioners of modernist design include the De Stijl (“The Style”) group, founded in the Netherlands in 1917, and the Bauhaus School, founded two years later in Germany.

Followers of both groups produced sleek, spare designs — many of which became icons of daily life in the 20th century. The modernists rejected both natural and historical references and relied primarily on industrial materials such as metal, glass, plywood, and, later, plastics. While Bauhaus principals Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe created furniture from mass-produced, chrome-plated steel, American visionaries like Charles and Ray Eames worked in materials as novel as molded plywood and fiberglass. Today, Breuer’s Wassily chair, Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chaircrafted with his romantic partner, designer Lilly Reich — and the Eames lounge chair are emblems of progressive design and vintage originals are prized cornerstones of collections.

It’s difficult to overstate the influence that modernism continues to wield over designers and architects — and equally difficult to overstate how revolutionary it was when it first appeared a century ago. But because modernist furniture designs are so simple, they can blend in seamlessly with just about any type of décor. Don’t overlook them.

Materials: Brass Furniture

Whether burnished or lacquered, antique, new and vintage brass furniture can elevate a room.

From traditional spaces that use brass as an accent — by way of brass dining chairs or brass pendant lights — to contemporary rooms that embrace bold brass decor, there are many ways to incorporate the golden-hued metal.

“I find mixed metals to be a very updated approach, as opposed to the old days, when it was all shiny brass of dulled-out silver tones,” says interior designer Drew McGukin. “I especially love working with brass and blackened steel for added warmth and tonality. To me, aged brass is complementary across many design styles and can trend contemporary or traditional when pushed either way.”

He proves his point in a San Francisco entryway, where a Lindsey Adelman light fixture hangs above a limited-edition table and stools by Kelly Wearstleralso an enthusiast of juxtapositions — all providing bronze accents. The walls were hand-painted by artist Caroline Lizarraga and the ombré stair runner is by DMc.

West Coast designer Catherine Kwong chose a sleek brass and lacquered-parchment credenza by Scala Luxury to fit this San Francisco apartment. “The design of this sideboard is reminiscent of work by French modernist Jean Prouvé. The brass font imbues the space with warmth and the round ‘portholes’ provide an arresting geometric element.”

Find antique, new and vintage brass tables, case pieces and other furnishings now on 1stDibs.

Finding the Right coffee-tables-cocktail-tables for You

As a practical focal point in your living area, antique and vintage coffee tables and cocktail tables are an invaluable addition to any interior.

Low tables that were initially used as tea tables or coffee tables have been around since at least the mid- to late-1800s. Early coffee tables surfaced in Victorian-era England, likely influenced by the use of tea tables in Japanese tea gardens. In the United States, furniture makers worked to introduce low, long tables into their offerings as the popularity of coffee and “coffee breaks” took hold during the late 19th century and early 20th century.

It didn’t take long for coffee tables and cocktail tables to become a design staple and for consumers to recognize their role in entertaining no matter what beverages were being served. Originally, these tables were as simple as they are practical — as high as your sofa and made primarily of wood. In recent years, however, metal, glass and plastics have become popular in coffee tables and cocktail tables, and design hasn’t been restricted to the conventional low profile, either.

Visionary craftspeople such as Paul Evans introduced bold, geometric designs that challenge the traditional idea of what a coffee table can be. The elongated rectangles and wide boxy forms of Evans’s desirable Cityscape coffee table, for example, will meet your needs but undoubtedly prove imposing in your living space.

If you’re shopping for an older coffee table to bring into your home — be it an antique Georgian-style coffee table made of mahogany or walnut with decorative inlays or a classic square mid-century modern piece comprised of rosewood designed by the likes of Ettore Sottsass — there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Both the table itself and what you put on it should align with the overall design of the room, not just by what you think looks fashionable in isolation. According to interior designer Tamara Eaton, the material of your vintage coffee table is something you need to consider. “With a glass coffee table, you also have to think about the surface underneath, like the rug or floor,” she says. “With wood and stone tables, you think about what’s on top.”

Find the perfect centerpiece for any room, no matter what your personal furniture style on 1stDibs. Browse a vast selection of antique, new and vintage coffee table and cocktail tables today.