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Vacuum Pump
Bronze Mounted Ammonite Cluster
Dale Rogers Ammonite
Greenhouse Glass Dome with Decorations
The Golden Triangle
Conchology Collection, circa 1930
An Intrepid Fox
Ebury Trading Ltd
French Mercury Thermometer, Early 1900
Antik Arte & Scienza sas di Daniela Giorgi
Memento Mori
Ebury Trading Ltd
"Welcome," Gold Nugget Model
Zus Korsten
German Plaster Anatomical Torso Model, circa 1950
Jonny Williamson
Antique Natural Wunderkammer Aquarium Specimen
Drawings and Plans Display, circa 1850
c. 1880 English Apothecary Chest of drawers
The Antique and Artisan Center
Armillary Sphere by Ernst Schotte & Co. Berlin
Antik Arte & Scienza sas di Daniela Giorgi
19th Century Anatomical Human Skeleton for Medical Study
Jade Lidded Urn
Panache Antiques & Objets D'Art Inc.
Contemporary Folk Art Bones Chair
The Window
Very Rare Pre-Reformation Painted Panels
Harris Lindsay LTD
Marble Anatomical Sculpture by HD
American Primitive Gallery
Brass And Shagreen Telescope
Lorenzo Castillo
Indonesian Indigo Jacket
An Antique skeleton Tibetan Rug
Doris Leslie Blau LLC
Tortoised Curio Cabinet with Glass
Dearing Antiques
Fossilised Palm Frond Wall Plaque
Dale Rogers Ammonite
Tibetan Temple Entrance
Treasure Keepers
Campo del Cielo Meteorite Scholar's Stone
Honeychurch Antiques
Rare Historic Canon, circa 1700
EHRL Fine Art and Antiques
18th c., Italian Marble Carving
Antonio's Bella Casa
Allegory Of Arithmetic
Carlton Hobbs LLC
A Circa 1700 Nuremberg Flatiron
Raphael Bedos
Australian Aboriginal Yawkyawk Fiber Sculpture
Tishu Gallery