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Antique 1880-1889 Caucasus Central Asian Rugs
This is an antique Karabagh runner from the Caucasus area circa 1880s. It has a regal display of palmette, floral and angular patterns on dark black field with light peach, ivory, ta...
Early 20th Century Malayer Persian Rugs
This is an antique Persian Malayer, circa 1900s with a delightful viewing experience. This piece leads the eye down through a series of beautiful shapes and tones. It features a flor...
Early 20th Century Central Asia Central Asian Rugs
This is an antique Samarkand rug from East Turkistan, circa 1900s. Three circular medallions float on a red field that is surrounded by an infinity border and another outer border. T...
Vintage 1920-1929 Turkey Central Asian Rugs
This is a beautiful antique Turkish Kaiseri rug from the 1920s in soft colors. It has a Fine composition with a central medallion. Intricate floral design details and Fine line work ...
Vintage 1970-1979 Morocco Moroccan and North African Rugs
Very nice Beni Ourain rug with clean loop detail as opposed to shag. Clean braid fringe knotted seam on one side.
Early 20th Century Turkey Quilts and Blankets
Silk, Cotton
This antique Suzani consists of all hand-embroidery work, with vibrant colored silk threading.
Vintage 1920-1929 East Turkestan Central Asian Rugs
This is an antique Samarkan Pictoral rug from East Turkistan, circa 1920s. It features a large fodog with a beautiful red orange field and hints of pink, saffron yellows, browns, and...
Early 20th Century Iran Malayer Persian Rugs
This is an antique Persian Malayer rug, circa 1900s with a lot of flow and movement. A series of complex and beautiful floral and angular patterns lead the viewer down the rug in a l...
Antique 1880-1889 India Agra Indian Rugs
This is an antique Indian Agra rug, circa 1880s. This rug is defined by its exquisite use of color. It has a beautiful open sapphire red field and saffron yellow border inset with fl...
Antique 1880-1889 Iran Persian Rugs
This is an striking antique Persian Bijar rug, circa 1880s with a beautiful composition. A dark lapiz blue field enhances the beautiful central medallion and ornate corner pieces. Mu...
Antique 1900-1909 Iran Persian Rugs
This is an antique Persian Kermanshah rug, circa 1900s. It is exceptionally elaborate with repeating ornate floral patterns that is flowy in movement. It sits on an ivory field with ...
Zubair Amadi
2010- United States Tribal Ottomans and Poufs
Felt, Wool
Handmade Afghan Felt with Congolese pattern made with 100% wool was used to make this beautiful ottoman. This ottoman is made in LA using this beautiful felt rug giving it a nice sim...

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