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Offered By Creel and Gow
21st Century France Organic Modern Natural Specimens
Brass, Other, Glass
African Goliathus beetles, deconstructed and mounted on a wooden base in a glass and brass display case.
Offered By Creel and Gow
Early 20th Century France Louis XVI Tobacco Accessories
Metal, Wood
Guillotine cigar cutter with coffin cigar tip box, French late 19th-early 20th century. It was in 1789, when the physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, recommended the use of this type o...
Offered By Creel and Gow
Antique Late 19th Century France Napoleon III Drawings
Giltwood, Paper
Charles Betout was the principal costume designer for the Comedie-Francaise in Paris for twenty years until his death in 1939. Renowned for his historical research, his costumes were...
Bernard Martell
Offered By Creel and Gow
Vintage 1960-1969 England Anglo Raj Architectural Models
Glass, Wood
Made in the 1960s from over 40,000 matchsticks by Bernard Martell. The artist spent over 1700 hours meticulously reproducing the architectural splendor of the Brighton Royal Pavilion...
Albert Tormos
Offered By Creel and Gow
Vintage 1970-1979 France Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps
Linen, Limestone, Paper
Lantern owl lamp sculpted in limestone by Albert Tormos in France during the 1970s and signed with initials AT. The lamp is electrified and has a white linen lampshade 21 inches tall...
Offered By Creel and Gow
Mid-20th Century Italy Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps
Metal, Ceramic, Wood
Pair of Mid-Century Italian orange and dappled light brown and grey ground glazed ceramic lamps with incised chimera mythological animal like decoration and abstract motifs, each on ...
Offered By Creel and Gow
21st Century United States Renaissance Revival More Dining and Entertaining
Stainless Steel, Wood
A stainless steel 'butler's ball' mounted on a turned wooden base. Butler's balls are used in dining rooms for the butler to survey the progress of a dinner party by looking into t...
Offered By Creel and Gow
Early 20th Century China Chinoiserie Mounted Objects
Fabric, Metal, Silk
Hand embroidered silk Miao Minority tribe child's headdress with sequins and tassels from the early 20th century on a custom black painted metal mount.
Offered By Creel and Gow
21st Century Central African Republic Organic Modern Natural Specimens
Glass, Metal
A Giant Longhorn beetle specimen (petrognatha gigas) has been deconstructed and mounted under a metal and glass display case 12" x 12" x 10" H. The mounting has been d...
Offered By Creel and Gow
21st Century Spain Organic Modern Natural Specimens
Metal, Pyrite
Pyrite Mineral Specimen on a black painted metal custom stand with small points of quartz attached Because of the of the shiny metallic appearance it was given the name "Fool's...
Creel and Gow
Offered By Creel and Gow
Late 20th Century Italy Rococo Centerpieces
Coral, Shell, Silver Plate
Italian 925 silver coated nautilus shell on a naturalistic base with four red Mediterranean coral branches. A beautiful example from the Creel and Gow signature lines of silver coate...
Offered By Creel and Gow
21st Century Italy Renaissance Centerpieces
Shell, Sterling Silver
Italian 925 sterling silver-mounted creel and gow mother-of-pearl Nautilus shell inspired by the Renaissance Italian goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini. Measures: 9" tall.

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