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Heather James Fine Art presents a rare look into art history’s past and present, offering important works from a cross-section of periods, movements, and genres — including Impressionist and Modern, Post-War and Contemporary, American and Latin American, Old Masters, and antiquities. In twenty-one years Heather James has expanded into a global network with four remarkable galleries located in Palm Desert, California, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, New York, New York, and San Francisco, California and with consultancies in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin. We are dedicated to bri...Read More

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Coral Trails
Coral Trails
Sam Francis
1980s Post-War Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic
A painting by Sam Francis. "Coral Trails" is an abstract, acrylic on canvas painting, executed in a gestural abstract hand of splotches, splatters and drips in lush and bright yellow...
Yellow, Blue & Orange
Yellow, Blue & Orange
Sam Francis
1950s Post-War Abstract Drawings and Watercolors
Paper, Watercolor
A painting by Sam Francis. "Yellow, Blue & Orange" is an abstract watercolor on paper, done with a gestural hand in lines, splotches, splatters and drips and executed in bright blues...
Nicknames of Maitre D's
Nicknames of Maitre D's
Julian Schnabel
1980s Neo-Expressionist Figurative Paintings
Paste, Fabric, Oil
A painting by Julian Schnabel. "Nicknames of Maitre D's" is a figurative abstract, oil and modeling paste on velvet, painting by American Neo-Expressionist Artist Julian Schnabel. "N...
Standing Male Figure
Standing Male Figure
Manuel Neri
1960s Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Plaster, Wood
A sculpture by Manuel Neri. "Standing Male Figure" is a polychrome plaster and wood, figurative sculpture of a man by contemporary artist Michael Neri. Executed in polychrome plaster...
Suspended Artifact
William Morris
1990s Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
A sculpture by William Morris. "Suspended Artifact" is a cast glass sculpture depicting a decorated horn and gourds, suspended on a frame by American artist William Morris. Signed un...

William Morris

Price Upon Request
William Morris
20th Century Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
A sculpture by William Morris. "Rhyton" is a cast glass sculpture depicting a horned water buffalo with a clay pot on his back standing atop two vessels by American artist William Mo...
Muhammad Ali
Andy Warhol
1970s Pop Art Portrait Prints
Rag Paper, Screen
A unique print by Andy Warhol. "Muhammad Ali" is a unique screen print on curtis rag paper, depicting a portrait in black and white, of boxing legend Muhammad Ali by Pop Artist Andy ...
Winter Thicket X
Robert Kelly
Early 2000s Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Mixed Media, Oil
A painting by Robert Kelly. "Winter Thicket X" is an abstract, oil and mixed media on canvas painting executed in black and white by contemporary artist Robert Kelly. Signed verso, ...
Weave Drape
Richard Artschwager
1970s Minimalist Abstract Paintings
A painting by Richard Artschwager. "Weave Drape" is an abstract, acrylic on celotex painting by American Pop, Minimalist and Conceptual artist Richard Artschwager. "Weave Drape" is e...
Bugle (Scale)
Robert Rauschenberg
1970s Post-War Abstract Paintings
Fabric, Mirror, Acrylic
A work by Robert Rauschenberg. "Bugle (Scale)" is a fabric, collage, mirror and acrylic painting by Post War artist Robert Rauschenberg. "Bugle (Scale) is a large, three-dimensional ...

Karl Benjamin
#5, 1970, 1970

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#5, 1970
Karl Benjamin
1970s Post-War Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil
A painting by Karl Benjamin. "#5, 1970" is a geometric abstract oil on canvas painting executed in deep and saturated yellows, blues, oranges and reds by Post War artist Karl Benjami...
Blue Surround
Richard Diebenkorn
1980s Abstract Expressionist Abstract Prints
Paper, Drypoint, Aquatint
A print by Richard Diebenkorn. "Blue Surround" is an abstract, spit bite aquatint and drypoint aquatint on paper, executed in blues, green and reds, by Abstract Expressionist and Bay...

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