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Heather James Fine Art offers a rare look into art history’s past and present featuring fine artwork by premier Impressionist, Modern, Post-War and Contemporary artists. The gallery uniquely showcases blue chip and cutting-edge contemporary art while maintaining a respect for the integrity of antiquity and classical masterpieces. In twenty years Heather James has expanded into a global network with two remarkable galleries located in Palm Desert, California and Jackson Hole, Wyoming and with two consultancies in Austin, TX, and Los Angeles, CA. Gallery programs are desig...Read More

Heather James Fine Art

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Marc Chagall
1980-1989 Modern Figurative Drawings and Watercolors
Paper, Ink, Tempera, Gouache, Pencil
A tempera, gouache, black pencil and pen and ink on paper by Modern artist Marc Chagall. "The Angel and the Tree of Life" is executed mainly in blues and yellow and is a pr...
Deborah Butterfield
1980-1989 Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
A steel and painted yellow sculpture of a horse by contemporary artist Deborah Butterfield. "Yellow River" depicts the abstracted figure of a horse, laying on its side, its...
Jim Dine
1960-1969 Post-War Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Acrylic Paint
A silverpoint and acrylic on 2 joined canvases, wood, knife, and string in artist's frame work by Post War artist Jim Dine. "Double Silver Point Robes" depicts the outline ...
2010- Street Art Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic Paint
An acrylic on canvas painting by contemporary, street artist RETNA. "Starving Children" is an abstract work executed in lush reds, brown black and orange. Signed verso, &qu...
Stanton MacDonald-Wright
1950-1959 Post-War Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
An oil on canvas painting by Post War artist Stanton MacDonald Wright. "La Gaite" is an abstract oil painting executed in bright blues, greens, yellows, oranges, reds and b...
Gene Davis
1960-1969 Color-Field Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic Paint
A magna (acrylic resin paint) on canvas painting by Color Field artist Gene Davis. "Pepper Tattoo" is executed in bright and brilliant, red, orange, deep yellow and aqua bl...
John Chamberlain
1990-1999 Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Steel, Paint
A sculpture by John Chamberlain. "Chicago Chubby" is an abstract, painted steel sculpture by contemporary artist John Chamberlain. Provenance: Pace Gallery NYC Private Col...
Tom Wesselmann
1990-1999 Contemporary Nude Sculptures
Enamel, Steel
A cut out by Tom Wesselmann. "Monica Lying on One Elbow with Robe" is an enamel on cut out steel depicting a nude woman, a green and colorful robe around her arms and shoul...
Tom Wesselmann
1990-1999 Contemporary Nude Sculptures
Enamel, Steel
A steel cut by Tom Wesselmann. "Monica Sitting, Undressing" is an enamel on cut out steel of a nude woman, sitting with her legs to the side, executed in red, blues, black ...
Richard Artschwager
1980-1989 Modern More Art
Steel, Animal Skin, Oak
A chair designed by Richard Artschwager. "Chair" is a design by Richard Artschwager and is executed in oak, cow hide, formica, steel. Provenance: Lehmann Maupin, New York ...
Gino Severini
1960-1969 Modern Abstract Prints
A lithograph by Gino Severini. "Natura Morta con Violino" is an abstract, original lithograph in colors on paper by Modern artist Gino Severini. Signed in pencil, lower rig...
Mel Ramos
2000-2009 Contemporary Nude Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
A painting by Mel Ramos. "Nude Descending a Staircase #2" is an iconic Mel Ramos nude, executed in reds, browns and skin tones and depicting a nude woman descending a stair...

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