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Heather James Fine Art presents a rare look into art history’s past and present, offering important works from a cross-section of periods, movements, and genres — including Impressionist and Modern, Post-War and Contemporary, American and Latin American, Old Masters, and antiquities. In twenty-one years Heather James has expanded into a global network with four remarkable galleries located in Palm Desert, California, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, New York, New York, and San Francisco, California and with consultancies in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin. We are dedicated to bri...Read More

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Scatological Scene
Scatological Scene
Edgar Serrano
2010s Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Acrylic, Linen, Watercolor
An abstract acrylic and watercolor on linen by contemporary artist Edgar Serrano. Signed verso, "Edgar Serrano/Scatalogical Scene/2010."
Double Silver Point Robes
Double Silver Point Robes
Jim Dine
1960s Post-War Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Acrylic
A silverpoint and acrylic on 2 joined canvases, wood, knife, and string in artist's frame work by Post War artist Jim Dine. "Double Silver Point Robes" depicts the outline of two rob...
Midnight, Forecastle
Midnight, Forecastle
Frank Stella
1990s Minimalist Abstract Sculptures
A sculpture by Frank Stella. "Midnight, Forecastle" is an abstract, acrylic, enamel and paper collage on aluminum, wall sculpture by American Minimalist and Abstract Artist Frank Ste...
Les Yeux Fleuris
Les Yeux Fleuris
Salvador Dalí
1940s Surrealist Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil
An oil on canvas painting by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. "Les Yeux Fleuris" is executed mainly in reds and ochre and depicts crying eyes against a red brick wall. Provenance: M...
Salvador Dalí
1930s Surrealist Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil
An oil on canvas painting by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. "Telescope" is a Hyper Realist oil painting executed primarily in deep, dark and bright greens, oranges, blues, black an...
New Synthesis #35
Jack Roth
1980s Post-War Abstract Paintings
acrylic on canvas Signed verso on stretcher bar, "New SYNTHESIS - 35 '81 ROTH". Jack Roth (1927-2004) was known as an Abstract Expressionist and Color Field painter. After studyi...
Jack Roth
1970s Post-War Abstract Paintings
Acrylic, Canvas
An abstract acrylic on canvas painting executed in deep black, orange and yellow ochre on a white background by Post War artist Jack Roth. Signed verso, "JR-33-76." Jack Roth (192...
William Baziotes
1950s Abstract Expressionist Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil, Graphite
A painting by William Baziotes. "Whirlwind" is an abstract oil and graphite on canvas painting executed in subtle shades of black, cream, burnt umber and rusty peach by Post War arti...
"Fairytale" Chairs
Ai Weiwei
Early 2000s Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
A work by Ai Weiwei. "'Fairytale' Chairs" are wooden chairs used for Ai Weiwei’s 2007 “Fairytale” project for Documenta 12, Kassel, Germany, and are from the Ming and Qing dynasty. F...
Nicknames of Maitre D's
Julian Schnabel
1980s Neo-Expressionist Figurative Paintings
Paste, Fabric, Oil
A painting by Julian Schnabel. "Nicknames of Maitre D's" is a figurative abstract, oil and modeling paste on velvet, painting by American Neo-Expressionist Artist Julian Schnabel. "N...
Andy Warhol
1970s Pop Art Portrait Prints
A print by Andy Warhol. "Mao" is an iconic screen print by Pop Artist Andy Warhol depicting the portrait of Chinese communist revolutionary Chairman Mao Zedong, executed primarily in...
Vote McGovern
Andy Warhol
1970s Pop Art Portrait Prints
A print by Andy Warhol. "Vote McGovern" is an iconic work by Pop Artist Andy Warhol and depicts the portrait of Richard Nixon executed in lush and bright oranges, pinks and green. Ed...

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