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Offered By Lions Gallery
20th Century Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Medium: Oil Surface: Canvas Dimensions: 20" x 15 1/2" a sensitive depiction of a Jewish rite of passage. Sending a child off to Yeshiva (Jewish college) a wonderful depict...
Marvin Cherney
Offered By Lions Gallery
1950-1959 Modern Portrait Drawings and Watercolors
Mixed Media
Genre: Judaica Subject: Portrait Medium: Mixed Media Surface: Paper Country: United States Dimensions w/Frame: 25" x 19" Marvin Cherney 1925-1966 from an ACA Gallery exhib...
Michoel Muchnik
Offered By Lions Gallery
Late 20th Century Folk Art Landscape Prints
Michoel Muchnik was born in Philadelphia in 1952. Muchnik received his artistic training at the Rhode Island School of Design. He later studied Jewish and Talmudic studies at the Rab...
John Rozelle
Offered By Lions Gallery
1990-1999 Mixed Media
Laid Paper
Layers of torn ripped, and painted paper are overlaid on top of each other in this contemporary Collage composition. The pieces of paper have been arbitrarily arranged while in cont...
Jose Maria de Servin
Offered By Lions Gallery
Mid-20th Century Folk Art Animal Paintings
Burlap, Oil Paint
Painting on burlap by Jose Maria de Servin of an Abstract Naive Lion animal using bright colors and geometric patterns. In this piece the artist simplifies the representation of the ...
Joan Padern Faig
Offered By Lions Gallery
1940-1949 Modern Landscape Drawings and Watercolors
Padern, born in Colera in 1924, settled in Blanes after the Civil War, a municipality that in 1998 granted the title of adoptive son. After a trip to South America, he returned to E...
Simon Natan Karczmar
Offered By Lions Gallery
20th Century Modern Figurative Paintings
Oil Paint, Board
Simon Karczmar, Polish (1903 - 1982) Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1903, Simon Karczmar studied art in Paris, where he lived for twenty years. Although he left France for Israel in 196...
Eliyahu Sigard
Offered By Lions Gallery
1940-1949 Fauvist Figurative Paintings
Oil Paint
From The British mandate Pre State of Israel Palestine Period. Eliahu Sigad (Eliyahu Sigard), painter, born 1901, Lithuania. Founder of Israeli Painters' Association. Educated in Eur...
Rebecca Levy
Offered By Lions Gallery
Mid-20th Century Outsider Art Landscape Paintings
Oil Paint, Gouache
A classic example of whimsical folk art done with raw and unbridled emotion for Israel and Judaism. Done in a Naive manner with beautiful Hebrew calligraphy drawing and vintage autom...
Claude Bauret Allard
Offered By Lions Gallery
1980-1989 Abstract Abstract Paintings
Claude Bauret-Allard , was born in Thonon-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie, and raised in Savoie in a family of artists. She is married to Jean-François Bauret, a photographer, and lives near...
S. Schottlaender
Offered By Lions Gallery
19th Century More Art
Circa 1890. This Neo-Classical Mizrach sign, Breslau, was produced in Germany by the chromolithograph process at the end of the 19th century. It pictures Moses and Aaron with the tab...
Saul Weinstock
Offered By Lions Gallery
Mid-20th Century Modern Landscape Paintings
Oil Paint, Gouache
WEINSTOCK, Saul [Painter] mid 20th c. NYC. Exhibited: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1952. New York artist Saul Weinstock carried the twin banners of American Regionalism and the ...

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