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Lost Art Salon is a San Francisco-based gallery that specializes in the rediscovery of historically significant artists and the curation of fine art collections reflecting the major styles and movements of the Modern Era. Open to the public and the trade, the gallery’s showroom offers over 5,000 paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and objects from the late 19th Century through the present, with a strong emphasis on 20th Century Modernism. We are an established resource for modernist, vintage, antique & contemporary art, embodying the atmospheres of an atelier, a fine art museum and a contemporary gallery (presenting the works of co-owners and artists Rob Delamater and Gaétan Caron). Our collections are acquired through artists’ estates, surviving family and ... Learn More
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Dimensions: H 12.5 in. W 14.5 in.
Dealer Location: San Francisco, CA
Medium: Etching
Metallic Circuit Board Collagraph by Seymour Tubis...
Seymour Tubis
Offered by Lost Art Salon
1970s Modern Abstract Prints
This 1974 collagraph on paper is by Santa Fe artist, Seymour Tubis (1919-19...