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Mayfair Gallery is a leading gallery in the field of art and antiques, holding a large collection of unique pieces for sale. The breadth of the gallery’s collection is wide, and includes items from a range of periods, styles and geographical origins, as well as works by famous artists and antique craftsmen. The main focus of the gallery’s collection is, however, on items produced during the 19th and early 20th century. While the scope of antiques on offer is varied, all are of consistently high quality, and exemplify the skill of the artisan responsible. It is this empha...Read More

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Donald Ross Style Walnut Roll Top Bureau Desk
Donald Ross Style Walnut Roll Top Bureau Desk
Donald Ross
Antique Late 19th Century English Victorian Desks and Writing Tables
Ormolu, Bronze, Rosewood, Satinwood, Walnut
The classic, distinctive diamond shaped parquetry design of perhaps the most acclaimed British furniture maker of the 19th century, Donald Ross, adorns this fine bureau. Below its fo...
Marble Centrepiece with Micromosaic of Capitoline Doves and Malachite Inlay
Marble Centrepiece with Micromosaic of Capitoli...
Antique 19th Century Italian Grand Tour Centerpieces
Malachite, Ormolu, Marble, Bronze
This gorgeous tazza, or centrepiece, is extremely carefully crafted from smooth black marble, and inlaid with a finely detailed micromosaic set within a green malachite band. The cen...
19th Century Table Clock with Silver, Nephrite and Precious Stones
19th Century Table Clock with Silver, Nephrite ...
Early 20th Century French Belle Époque Table Clocks and Desk Clocks
Silver, Jade, Precious Stone
This delicate table clock features a central circular white dial with black Roman numerals and gilt detailing. The dial is signed 'E. DREYFOUS, To Their Majesties' and is mounted all...
Antique Indian Dagger with Inlaid Gold Decoration in the Koftgari Technique
Antique Indian Dagger with Inlaid Gold Decorati...
Antique 19th Century Indian Arms, Armor and Weapons
Gold, Steel
Featuring delicate gold inlay detailing in the Koftgari technique, this stunning antique dagger (Khanjar) is a brilliant example of high quality 19th century Indian craftsmanship. Th...
Very large cut-glass and parcel-gilt antique En...
F. & C. Osler
Antique 19th Century English Belle Époque Chandeliers and Pendants
This exceptional, handcrafted antique chandelier is a truly magnificent work of art. Unusual for its large size and beautiful design, the antique chandelier is an excellent example o...
Pair of Gilt Bronze-Mounted Marquetry Cabinets ...
Gervais Durand
Antique Late 19th Century French Belle Époque Cabinets
Ormolu, Marble, Bronze, Kingwood, Tulipwood
Gervais Durand was an exceptional furniture maker of the later 19th century, known especially for his reproductions of 18th Century works, but also responsible for some strikingly or...
Pair of 19th Century KPM Porcelain Plaques
KPM Porcelain, Rembrandt van Rijn, Peter Paul Rubens
Antique 19th Century German Baroque Porcelain
Giltwood, Porcelain
This fine pair of antique porcelain plaques, the work of important Berlin porcelain-makers KPM, have been painted after self-portraits by the renowned Old Master artists Pieter Paul ...
19th Century Italian Orientalist Style Alabaste...
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Figurative Sculptures
This charming antique panel is carved in the refined Orientalist style, and depicts a tender embrace between man and woman, capturing a moment of emotional intensity. The panel po...
Pair of antique vases with putti
Antique Late 19th Century English Ceramics
This fantastic pair of antique ceramic vases have a sculptural quality: decorated in relief on the exterior of their bodies with scenes of putti (Cupid figures) playing in a landscap...
Hardstone, Brass and Ormolu Mounted Ebonized Wo...
Antique 19th Century French Napoleon III Vitrines
Brass, Bronze, Precious Stone, Wood, Velvet
The very fine ebonized wood Napoleon III period cabinet with central door decorated with a Pietra Dura depiction of an urn with fruit and flowers and a bird, surrounded by an ormolu ...
Porcelain Plaque of a 19th Century German Marke...
KPM Porcelain
Antique Mid-19th Century German Paintings
Porcelain, Giltwood
The 1844 summer market in the town of Lengerich, in the western German province of Westphalia, is the subject of this antique KPM porcelain plaque, making it an interesting piece of ...
19th Century Sevres Style Porcelain and Ormolu ...
Antique Late 19th Century French Rococo Carriage Clocks and Travel Clocks
Ormolu, Bronze, Porcelain
The carriage clock is of rectangular form and is crafted with a rectangular ormolu case set with Sevres style porcelain plaques to each side. The front plaque features a pink ground ...

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