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Early 20th Century Carved African Bowl
20th Century Mali Decorative Bowls
Petrified Wood
Early 20th century carved African bowl very nice example of primitive bowl with classic details- very heavy for the size.
Late 19th Century American Handmade Burled Wood...
Antique Late 19th Century United States Chairs
Late 19th century American handmade burled wood chair Great looking accent chair with beautiful patina and wood grain. Dimensions: 37 in. H x 15.75 in. W x 16 in. ...
Late 19th Century American Mail Bag
Antique 19th Century United States Decorative Art
Leather, Canvas
Late 19th century American mail bags. Has been power washed Overall height is 26" including the height of the straps.
Early 20th Century Woven "Rain Hat" from Cambodia
20th Century Cambodia Decorative Art
Early 20th century woven "rain hat" from Cambodia. This piece is used to shelter one from sun and rain and worn over the head covering the shoulders and backside makes a f...
19th Century Turkish Bronze Vessel/Flask with O...
Antique 19th Century Turkey Antiquities
19th century Turkish bronze vessel/flask with ornate detailing Dimensions: 6.63 in. H total; body of piece is 5 in H x 4.25 in W (circular part). The hooks are 1 in. up from t...
Early 20th Century European Cutting or Bread Bo...
Early 20th Century France Serving Pieces
Early 20th century European cutting or bread board from France Dimensions: Board total is 41 in. H x 22.25 in. W x .75 in. D; excluding handle: 37.5 in. H x 22.25 in. W with...
19th Century American Butcher Block Table
Antique Late 19th Century United States Side Tables
19th century American butcher block table The size of this table is excellent as a side table or bedside table If the height is an issue this can easily be cut down for the desire...
19th Century Crème or Maize Colored Glazed Chin...
Antique 19th Century China Jars
19th century crème or maize colored glazed Chinese pickling jar Dimensions: 16 in. H x 17 in. diam. with an 8 in. diam. Opening and 9.5 in. diam base.
20th Century Japanese Lidded Kimono Basket(Shibui)
20th Century Japan Decorative Baskets
20th Century Kidded Japanese Kimono Basket. Two pieces Large Basket is lid 22.5 in. W x 14.75 in. D x 9 in. H Smaller Basket is bottom 21.5 in. W x 13.5 in. D x 9 in. H
Collection of Five Drawings by Dave Zarick
Dave Zarick
21st Century United States Paintings
Collection of five drawings by Dave Zarick Small charcoal and paint drawings by the late Dave Zarick. Museum mounting and white wood frames Each piece is different Sold separat...
Mid-20th Century Engraved African Vessel from Mali
Mid-20th Century Vases
Mid-20th century engraved African vessel from Mali Dimensions: 7.5 in. H x 6.25 in. diameter. Neck of vase is 3.25 in. H x 3.75 in. diam at opening. The base of vase has 3...
Early 20th Century Crocodile Amber Glass Bottle...
Early 20th Century Germany Bottles
Crocodile, Glass
Early 20th century German amber glass and crocodile bottle.

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