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PAGODA RED is the destination for collectors who love the art, history, style & spirit of Asian and handcrafted objects. Every item is authentic—historically and geographically—and wears the patina of many lifetimes served in homes, palaces and gardens. In the early 1990s, owner Betsy Nathan studied Mandarin and moved to Beijing. There, she met a group of legendary Chinese furniture experts. Under their mentorship, she became an expert in provenance, craftsmanship, joinery and history. Nathan moved back to the United States and established her first showroom in Chicago i...Read More

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Early 20th Century Thailand Sculptures and Carvings
This gilded wood figure depicts Buddha in a reclining position. The posture is that of Nirvana Buddha, when the historical Buddha experiences his last moments on earth prior to enter...
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Metalwork
This cast-iron vessel has an elegant form reminiscent of the beautiful ironwork, bronzes, and ceramics perfected by Chinese artisans thousands of years ago. A century ago this jar wo...
Early 20th Century China Ceramics
The distinctive, deep red glaze of this pair of petite and unusual double form vases is called "oxblood" or "sang-de-boeuf" by European collectors. In 18th centur...
21st Century China Ceramics
A reactive oxblood glaze coats this traditional fantail-shaped vase in eye-catching swirls of rich red. Compared to the color of crushed strawberries, red wine or dried blood, the gl...
21st Century China Ceramics
The striking monochrome of this vase draws on a long Chinese tradition of ceramics glazed in a single, statement-making color. The vibrancy and cheer of the orange finished stoneware...
Early 20th Century China Qing Scholar's Objects
A Chinese calligrapher would work with many types of brushes of different thicknesses and sizes to achieve the perfect stroke. Each artist stored their brushes in a favorite handmade...
Early 20th Century China Qing Furniture
Much more portable than heavier chairs, stools would be pulled up for use at mealtimes or used in an outside courtyard or garden. Crafted in the classical Chinese style of simple lin...
Gordon Chandler
21st Century United States Contemporary Art
An old steel drum exposed to the elements and bent in such a way as to suggest a sleeve inspired Gordon Chandler to create a series of kimono sculptures. Cut to suggest sleeves and a...
21st Century China Ceramics
Porcelain, Paint
A brilliant example of traditional blue-and-white porcelain, this exquisitely decorated bowl begs close inspection to appreciate its intricate vine detail. Punctuated with the occasi...
Vintage 1970-1979 Japan Textiles
Linen, Silk, Down
This pair of artisan-designed pillows was made by hand from a vintage Japanese obi. A woven brocade obi of a metallic fabric like this was considered the height of fashion modernity ...
Early 20th Century China Qing Scholar's Objects
Stone, Wood
As if brushed with ink and inscribed with intricate calligraphy, this polished jasper stone is marked with dark swirls and intricate patterns. Unusual stones such as this one have be...
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Metalwork
In 19th century, China government officials wore different hats to show their various ranks of office—the styles and designs changed depending on the season. A one of a kind folding ...

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