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PAGODA RED is the destination for collectors who love the art, history, style & spirit of Asian and handcrafted objects. Every item is authentic—historically and geographically—and wears the patina of many lifetimes served in homes, palaces and gardens. In the early 1990s, owner Betsy Nathan studied Mandarin and moved to Beijing. There, she met a group of legendary Chinese furniture experts. Under their mentorship, she became an expert in provenance, craftsmanship, joinery and history. Nathan moved back to the United States and established her first showroom in Chicago i...Read More

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Early 20th Century Chinese Deco Sofa
Early 20th Century China Art Deco Sofas
Fabric, Wood
In the 1930s, Shanghai, China was swept up in the Art Deco design movement. Design, architecture, art, fashion, and furniture were all influenced by this modern movement, permeating ...
Set of Three Tibetan Tsa Tsa
Early 20th Century Tibet Mounted Objects
Ceramic, Steel
This stack of three molded ceramic tsa tsas depict Buddhist deities. Each was a meditation created in a monastery by a Buddhist monk in training. They were sold to religious pilgrims...
Early 20th Century Chinese Framed Block Print E...
Early 20th Century China Prints
Erotically themed pillow books were often given to newlyweds in China as "how-to" manuals. Miniature in size, the books could be kept discreetly close at hand, stashed unde...
"Pygmalion Effect XIV" by Almudena Rodriguez
Almudena Rodriguez
21st Century Spain Contemporary Art
Paint, Paper
Extracting images, logos, and slogans from popular culture, artist Almudena Rodriguez rearranges these disparate signs in an attempt to map out a single vision determined not by orig...
1930s Chinese Fertilizer Advertisement Poster
Early 20th Century China Prints
Influenced by Western advertising, commercial posters featuring beautiful women in modern settings gained popularity in China in the 1920s and 1930s. Posters like this one came to sy...
Early 20th Century Chinese Floral Relief Jar
Early 20th Century China Qing Planters and Jardinieres
Rendered in high relief, this ceramic jar’s dimensional bands, hobnail motifs, and flower-filled medallions add visual interest and texture. Glazed on the interior, the jar was likel...
Chinese Zhenzhu Stone
21st Century China Natural Specimens
This sculptural Zhenzhu stone, also known as a pearl stone, was foraged in China's Zhejiang province. Formed millions of years ago, artisans have transformed the rock formation into ...
19th Century Chinese Console Table with Drawer
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Console Tables
Brass, Elm
Valued for its elegant design, concealed joinery, and richly grained elmwood, this Qing-dynasty wine table was crafted in Northern China over a century ago. The table's aged finish h...
19th Century Chinese Flanked Plank Top Ruyi Alt...
Antique Early 19th Century China Qing Furniture
This monumental early 19th century flanked top altar table from China's Shanxi province is notable for its robust traditional style. The top is carved from a solid plank of elmwood t...
19th Century Chinese Child's Comb Back Boat Cha...
Antique Early 19th Century China Qing Children's Furniture
Every so often we come across a rare piece of furniture that, even after centuries have passed, still evokes the life and personality of the original owner. Over 200 years ago this c...
19th Century Chinese 3 Drawer 2 Door Coffer
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Cabinets
Brass, Elm
Hand-crafted brass hardware punctuates this Qing-dynasty coffer’s richly lacquered surface with moon-shaped locks, hinge plates, and pulls. Extending the refined aesthetics of Ming-d...
Early 20th Century Mongolian Four Door Coffer
Early 20th Century Mongolia Cabinets
Brass, Elm
Created in Mongolia for general household storage, this 19th-century coffer has a straightforward design with lots of rustic appeal. Originally configured to open at the top, the che...

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