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PAGODA RED is the destination for collectors who love the art, history, style & spirit of Asian and handcrafted objects. Every item is authentic—historically and geographically—and wears the patina of many lifetimes served in homes, palaces and gardens. In the early 1990s, owner Betsy Nathan studied Mandarin and moved to Beijing. There, she met a group of legendary Chinese furniture experts. Under their mentorship, she became an expert in provenance, craftsmanship, joinery and history. Nathan moved back to the United States and established her first showroom in Chicago i...Read More

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Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Antiquities
This rustic, 19th-century iron bell once pealed in celebration or gave notice of important events in a town in northern China. Marked with holes to affix the clapper or insert a pole...
Antique 19th Century China Ceramics
Rustically shaped, this terracotta vase looks like an ethnographic find. The decoration is sparse and gestural, including dashed and splattered strokes, broad translucent patches and...
Antique Mid-19th Century China Antiquities
In 19th-century China, government officials wore different hats to show their various ranks of office—the styles and designs changed depending on the season. This one-of-a-kind foldi...
Antique Mid-19th Century Tibet Antiquities
Silver, Steel, Linen
Used throughout Asia for thousands of years, moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medical technique that involves burning mugwort to facilitate healing and stimulated energy flow. He...
20th Century China Scholar's Objects
Chrysanthemum stones, formed hundreds of millions of years ago, are appreciated for their naturally occurring celestine crystals, which resemble chrysanthemum blossoms. Our stonemaso...
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Sculptures and Carvings
Steel, Jade
A pendant like this one, crafted out of an exquisite green jade stone, would have been highly prized. In China, the stone was considered to be as precious as gold and was often assoc...
Early 20th Century China Qing Antiquities
Brass, Mirror, Rosewood
Original brass fittings detail this finely crafted rosewood vanity box. Thoughtfully designed at the turn of the century with a hinged top to conceal an octagonal mirror within, this...
Antique Mid-19th Century India Sculptures and Carvings
This bronze vessel was cast in India over a century ago. The artisan’s talent and craftsmanship are impressive and evident in each beautiful detail. The lid is ringed by tiny leaves ...
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Metalwork
On a cold winter’s night in China’s northern provinces, the well-to-do held their hands over this coal-filled brazier to ward off the chill. Handmade of brass, the exquisitely crafte...
21st Century China Sculptures and Carvings
Steel, Jade
The creamy green color and natural variegation of this jade disk calls to mind a full moon on a dark night. Known as “bi,” these perfectly round discs with a circular hole in the cen...
21st Century China Ceramics
Called a phoenix tail vase for its elegantly flared silhouette, this contemporary cloud-white vessel pays tribute to China’s mastery of the art of monochrome porcelain. Developed dur...
21st Century China Ceramics
Ceramic, Paint
Elaborately finned koi swim in a vibrant underwater world on this painted, onion-shaped porcelain vase. Trading out classic cobalt blue for charcoal, this contemporary interpretation...

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