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PAGODA RED is the destination for collectors who love the art, history, style & spirit of Asian and handcrafted objects. Every item is authentic—historically and geographically—and wears the patina of many lifetimes served in homes, palaces and gardens. In the early 1990s, owner Betsy Nathan studied Mandarin and moved to Beijing. There, she met a group of legendary Chinese furniture experts. Under their mentorship, she became an expert in provenance, craftsmanship, joinery and history. Nathan moved back to the United States and established her first showroom in Chicago i...Read More

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19th Century Chinese Two-Door Two-Drawer Chest
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Furniture
Brass, Elm
Perfecting line and proportion, this cabinet’s Minimalist design celebrates the natural beauty and texture of wood. Accented with a carved lotus apron and the luster of brass hardwar...
19th Century Chinese Ribbed Plank Top Altar wit...
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Furniture
Elm, Lacquer
This elegant 19th century altar table is light and beautifully proportioned. It was masterfully designed with stretchers that appear to wraparound its round legs even though the join...
Pair of 19th Century Chinese Red Lacquer Cabinets
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Furniture
Elm, Lacquer
This pair of 19th century red lacquer cabinets from Shanxi, China are unusually configured with drawers above and below the doors. The doors were designed with extended dowels at the...
19th Century Chinese Tianjin Coffer
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Furniture
This 19th century coffer beautifully represents household storage cabinets of that time made in Tianjin, a port city in Northern China. The waist and apron are carved from a single p...
Pair of Early 19th Century Chinese Courtyard Doors
Antique Early 19th Century China Qing More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
Brass, Elm, Lacquer
The countless coats of hand-applied black lacquer have aged with an inimitable crackle on this pair of 19th century doors, which would have originally been the outermost entrance gat...
Pair of Early 20th Century Chinese Tall Book La...
Early 20th Century China Qing Lanterns
Glass, Elm
This pair of striking, elongated elmwood lanterns were finely carved by hand and likely used originally on the floor or tabletop of a 19th century Chinese official's home in Fujian P...
19th Century Chinese Provincial Three-Person Bench
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Furniture
The profile of this simple and elegant 19th century splayed leg bench from Northern China resembles the Chinese character for the number two, written as two horizontal strokes. Hundr...
Early 20th Century Chinese Provincial Chrysanth...
Early 20th Century China Qing Furniture
This 19th century chest from China’s Shanxi region was created with external wooden dowels that extend from the frames of its panelled front. The two drawers are studded with boss na...
19th Century Chinese Blackwood Framed Mirror
Antique 19th Century China Qing More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
Mirror, Wood
Often featured in heavily carved furniture, blackwood forms a simple frame of dark wood in this 19th century mirror. Detailed only with subtle molding and rounded corners, the wood c...
Early 20th Century Mongolian Floral Painted Coffer
Early 20th Century Mongolia Furniture
Pine, Paint
Dating from the early 20th century, this antique pine cabinet from Mongolia is beautifully embellished with intricate floral designs and gilded filigree. Concealed hinges and joinery...
Early 20th Century Chinese Unglazed Stamped Cla...
Early 20th Century China Qing Ceramics
Over a century ago, a gifted potter from northern China crafted this organic clay jar out of rich dark river clay mined from the river basins of Asia. The surface is stamped with a s...
Collection of 14 Shanghai Deco Rosewood Dining ...
Early 20th Century China Art Deco Furniture
Wool, Rosewood
Made in the 1920s to satisfy the worldwide hunger for all things Art Deco, this collection of rosewood chairs from Shanghai combine the streamlined style of the era with hints of a C...

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