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PAGODA RED is the destination for collectors who love the art, history, style & spirit of Asian and handcrafted objects. Every item is authentic—historically and geographically—and wears the patina of many lifetimes served in homes, palaces and gardens. In the early 1990s, owner Betsy Nathan studied Mandarin and moved to Beijing. There, she met a group of legendary Chinese furniture experts. Under their mentorship, she became an expert in provenance, craftsmanship, joinery and history. Nathan moved back to the United States and established her first showroom in Chicago i...Read More

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"Multi-Color T-Shirt" by Gordon Chandler
Gordon Chandler
21st Century United States Wall-mounted Sculptures
Steel, Paint
Piecing together discarded fragments of painted metal, Gordon chandler exploits the latent beauty of rusted and weathered metal in this provocative sculpture. Effaced by time and the...
"The People People 3" by Tracy Crump
Tracy Crump
21st Century United States Contemporary Art
Glass, Wood, Paint, Paper
Tracy Crump uses washes of grey, white, and aqua to both conceal and reveal sensitively drawn figures. Each figure stands alone as an individual, possessing unique features and hairs...
"Tree Jade" Petrified Wood Specimen
Antique 15th Century and Earlier China Garden Ornaments
Petrified Wood
Like scholars' rocks, petrified, or fossilized, wood is appreciated for its natural beauty. Sometimes called "tree jade," petrified wood is thought to bring peace and prosp...
"Sailing Boat" by Ren Hui
21st Century China Contemporary Art
This woodcut, entitled “Sailing Boat,” was made by renowned artist Ren Hui. His materials and forms of expression have evolved. He began as a poet and photographer, but soon began wo...
Pair of 19th Century Chinese Two-Drawer Cabinets
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Side Tables
Brass, Elm
For over 150 years, through many turbulent years of Chinese history, this pair of petite cabinets has remained together. They are unusually configured with impressive original fittin...
19th Century Tibetan Dorje on Stand
Antique Mid-19th Century Tibet Mounted Objects
Bronze, Steel
The dorje, or vajra in Sanskrit, is a ritual object associated with Tibetan Buddhism. Often translated as thunderbolt or diamond, the dorje represents the indestructible and irresist...
Chinese Blue and White Landscape Baluster Jar
21st Century China Ceramics
Sculpted in China's Jiangxi province, the landscape scenes on this contemporary blue and white baluster jar are hand-painted with feathery brushstrokes, and are richly evocative of t...
Monumental Chinese Fish and Flora Blue and Whit...
21st Century China Ceramics
This contemporary gooseneck porcelain vase from Southern China is hand-painted with fish, traditional symbols of prosperity and harmony. Chinese blue and white porcelains have inspir...
19th Century Chinese Stoneware Jar
Antique Mid-19th Century China Qing Urns
In 19th century China, jars like this would have held wines, foods, and other consumables. The combination of simple, earthy glaze with incised ridges and small handles gives this ja...
"Tiananmen Lion" by Ren Hui
Ren Hui
21st Century China Paintings
This painting, like most of Ren Hui’s exquisite artworks, celebrates his subjects using a style that he calls “uncomplicated and honest.” The beautiful pattern of gold on a bright re...
Chinese Blue and White Ginger Jar with Fish and...
21st Century China Ceramics
Revered for centuries for its elegant designs in rich cobalt blue on pure white, traditional Chinese blue-and-white porcelain lives on in this contemporary sea-inspired ginger jar. I...
18th Century Chinese Bronze Vessel with Tripod ...
Antique Mid-18th Century China Qing Decorative Dishes and Vide-Poche
Bronze, Hardwood
This 18th century bronze vessel with tripod feet was crafted by hand in a traditional Chinese shape known as "ding," that dates back to 1600 BC. Tripod bowls were originall...

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