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 Coco Chanel Gilt Sunburst Brooch with Pastes and Pearls, Goossens
Coco Chanel Gilt Sunburst Brooch with Pastes a...
1950s Brooches
Coco Chanel Haute Couture striking sunburst brooch completely handmade by Goossens for Chanel. Chanel's favorite twist chain is flattened and transformed into a feather like spray, ...
CoCo Chanel Renaissance Crest Brooch
CoCo Chanel Renaissance Crest Brooch
Robert Goossens for Chanel
1950s Renaissance Brooches
CoCo Chanel Renaissance style oval crest brooch in a modified quatrefoil form with signature cabochon emerald and ruby pate de verre stones and crystals. This type of brooch was one ...
Important CoCo Chanel Personal Byzantine Cruciform Pendant Necklace
Important CoCo Chanel Personal Byzantine Crucif...
1960s Byzantine Link Necklaces
Chanel Byzantine Cruciform pendant of rough Martelé gilt bronze with five large hand made primitive garnet-ruby pate de verre baguettes. Handmade by Robert Goossens for Chanel. Ac...
Coco Chanel Early Poured Glass Sea Serpent Belt
Coco Chanel Early Poured Glass Sea Serpent Belt
1960s Baroque Revival Belts
Coco Chanel Early Poured Glass Haute Couture Belt. Designed as a series of swag chains with emerald poured glass stations. Classically Baroque in the Chanel idiom with sea serpent mo...
Chanel Baroque Pearl Pendant Brooch
1960s Brooches
Chanel uses oversized handmade pearls for this pendant brooch of gilded bronze with paste accents by Goossens. The rococo bar brooch has a loop from which the pearl cross can be remo...
Rare Oversized Chanel Jewelled Crest*
1980s Brooches
Rare Byzantine Crest Brooch of rectangular and square cut gem colored and crystal foiled stones. This incredibly massive brooch is mounted on a signature filigree back, a device of t...
Massive and Important Moghul Style Necklace by ...
1960s Link Necklaces
Large and Important Moghul Style Necklace by Maison Gripoix. Luxuriously colored pate de verre, crystal pastes and faux pearls, completely hand made by Maison Gripoix and caftan read...
CoCo Chanel Haute Couture Lion Belt
Chanel, Chanel
1960s Belts
CoCo Chanel early chain belt composed of signature curb chain with classic signature lions head motifs terminating in an adjustable pendant tassel. Coco Chanel synthesizes her favor...
Chanel Iconic Bronze and Pearl Necklace
1970s Multi-Strand Necklaces
Massive bib with multiple strands of hand made faux baroque pearls of varying sizes mixed with graduated gilt bronze cupid plaques and chains. Based on a famous Chanel necklace c...
CoCo Chanel Byzantine Heart Crest Brooch
1960s Brooches
CoCo Chanel Early Byzantine heart brooch, The silvered metal heart set with crystal pastes and appliqued with faux emerald hand formed pate de verre rounds and square jelly cut stone...
Rare Gilt Silver Capricorn Cuff, Chanel by Goos...
1970s More Bracelets
Rare gilt silver Capricorn zodiac cuff by Chanel. A fierce Leo, she loved and repeatedly used zodiac imagery throughout her career. The large center plaque is held by 3 dimensional r...
Oversized Chanel Cruciform Brooch
1960s Brooches
Chanel's appropriation of Byzantine and Renaissance forms continued throughout her career, often in the form of oversized cruciform brooches and pendants. This one is set in bron...

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