Sorry, Life Size Horse Topiary Sculpture Form is not currently available.
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Dramatic, Theatrical Life Size Resin and Iron T...
American Sculptures
This is a WOW!!!! Move over Michaelangelo's David.... This leaping lacquered resin male torso life size stands over 6'ft tall<br /> with all of it's musculature from every angle si...
Life Size Horse Statue Bronze
This beautiful bronze horse statue features incredible detail from the hooves to the mane. Majestic life-size piece in a realistic stance with an elegant patinated finish. This massi...
Life-Sized, Limestone Nymphs
Italian Figurative Sculptures
Pair of grand, Italian, left-and right limestone nymphs swathed in drapery, cradling a basket of flowers and a cornucopia of fruits, respectively. Fabulous patina.
Life Size Terracotta Spaniel
American Animal Sculptures
A life size solid terracotta recumbent spaniel dog with exceptionally cast &amp; finely sculpted details. Beautifully aged surface color and expressive true to life character. For ga...
Pair of Life Size Bronze Greyhound Sculptures
This stylish set of bronze Greyhound sculptures were recently acquired from a Palm Beach estate and date to the 1940s-1950s. They are slightly different in their scale and distinctiv...
Life-Size Dog, French, 1930s
French Animal Sculptures
This huge dog is a showstopper! Handcrafted of sculpted concrete hung on an iron armature, his stylized form and naive execution are a superb example of French Folk Art. Almost carto...
Lorenzo de' Medici, Almost Life-Size Bronze Sc...
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Alph VanAershodt Fondeur
Belgian Figurative Sculptures
Lorenzo de' Medici, Il Pensieroso, &quot;The Thoughtful One &quot; patinated bronze sculpture of Lorenzo de' Medici, Duke of Urbino a.k.a Lorenzo de' Magnifico . This almost life-siz...
Large Life-Sized Bronze Modern Sculpture of a T...
Large life-sized bronze modern sculpture of a trumpet player. SSXA.

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