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19th Century Spanish Colonial Bulto Figure of St. Anthony Holding Baby Jesus
19th Century Spanish Colonial Bulto Figure of S...
Antique Mid-19th Century Mexican Spanish Colonial Sculptures and Carvings
This Mexican Colonial figure of St. Anthony holding the Christ Child is made of carved wood with a blue/black, cream and gold painted finish that is highly distressed and worn from a...
Apollo Belvedere Sculpture

Apollo Belvedere Sculpture

By Raffaello Romanelli
Apollo Belvedere Sculpture
Raffaello Romanelli
2010s Italian Other Busts
This magnificent bust of Apollo, the Greek god of art, medicine, and music is directly inspired by the classic marble statues in the Roman tradition. The stunning god appears here in...
Le Cabez Di Cimon Marble Sculpture
Le Cabez Di Cimon Marble Sculpture
Studio Formart
2010s Italian Other Figurative Sculptures
A sleek ornament in rich natural grains. Handcrafted to resemble a head, this ornamental sculpture by Studio Formart is made of Carrara Paonazzo marble that, besides being extremely ...
Mini Model of Charette, Wood, South China, circa 1890
Mini Model of Charette, Wood, South China, circ...
Antique 1890s Chinese Chinoiserie Sculptures and Carvings
Mini model of Charette, wood, South China, circa 1890. Measures: Height 20 cm, width 80 cm, depth 38 cm.
Pair of Carved and Painted Peacock Sculptures
Pair of Carved and Painted Peacock Sculptures
20th Century Indian Anglo-Indian Animal Sculptures
Vintage pair of Anglo-Indian stylized peacocks crafted with wood, carved and painted in tropical colors. Presented on Classic painted wood stands.  
19th Century Carved Fairground Head by Emmanuel Fremiet
19th Century Carved Fairground Head by Emmanuel...
Emmanuel Fremiet
Antique 1850s French Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
19th century carved fairground head by Emmanuel Fremiet. - Glass eyes - Original paint - Modern steel mount - By French sculptor Emmanuel Fremiet - French, circa 1850-1860. ...
Black Forest Folk Art Carved Owl with Glass Eyes Signed Phi Sigma, 1927
Black Forest Folk Art Carved Owl with Glass Eye...
Early 20th Century German Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Black Forest Folk Art carved owl with orange glass eyes, carved with Greek symbols for Phi Sigma and dated 1927. Terrific patina. Phi Sigma is an honor society for students of biolog...
Wooden Model or Toy, of Noah's Ark, with Noah, His Wife Naamah, and Some Animals
Wooden Model or Toy, of Noah's Ark, with Noah, ...
Mid-20th Century American Rustic Sculptures and Carvings
Pine, Paint
This is a charming, handcrafted, home made version of the biblical Noah's Ark, with hand-carved, wooden human figures of Noah and his wife, along with a handful of representative ani...
Wood Carved Holy Family by H.S. Schroeder, circa 1880
Wood Carved Holy Family by H.S. Schroeder, circ...
H.S. Schroeder
Antique 19th Century American Folk Art Religious Items
Magnificent pair of life sized statues. Mary stands on the globe, a crescent moon and a serpent. Joseph holds a lily staff. The original paper label on the inside locates the studio ...
Quirky American Folk Art Human Form Chair
Vintage 1940s American Folk Art Sculptures
Have a seat! One of a kind human form chair. Wonderfully carved muscles, toes, clenched fists for support. Looks like the chair is ready to go crawling across the floor. Would look g...
Oringinal Wood Carved Relief of a Man Fishing
Early 20th Century American Folk Art Sculptures
Wonderful vintage relief image of man fishing while sleeping against a tree. Hand carved early 20th century.
Pair of 19th Century Architectural Rosettes
Antique 19th Century American Industrial Architectural Elements
Pair of 19th century cast iron architectural rosettes with original red or green paint surface. Presented on custom museum stand.
Vintage Wood Caved Folk Art Mickey Mouse and Mi...
Vintage 1940s Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Vintage double-sided Mickey and Minnie Mouse wood carvings. Original paint surface, circa 1940s found in New York. Mickey's dimensions are 9.75" x 8" x 11.5" tall. Minnie's dimen...
Heavy Iron Industrial Work Boots Factory Molds
Early 20th Century American Industrial Sculptures and Carvings
These are super cool and sculptural. Really heavy iron Industrial work boot molds. These things are solid! Stamped with factory numbers and mold info. Vintage industrial design does ...
Large-Scale Western Wood Sculpture
Late 20th Century Animal Sculptures
#9-500 large-scale Western wood sculpture. A large wood sculpture of horses in a West rach, signed lower right by Dede 88.
"People" Sculpture by Tolleck Winner, Bronze, 2006
Early 2000s British Sculptures and Carvings
"People" sculpture by Tolleck winner, bronze, 2006 Tolleck winner is a UK-based sculptor. Born 30 July 1959 in the former Soviet Union, he has lived and worked in the United Kingd...
Folk Art Wood Spoon
20th Century American Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Wood Folk Art hand carved spoon. Its rough hewn surface and great patina would be a great addition to any kitchen or restaurant.

Shaman Egg Small Sculpture

By Mario Bottiglieri
Shaman Egg Small Sculpture
Mario Bottiglieri
2010s Italian Abstract Sculptures
Other, Coral, Iron
This is an ornamental emu egg by Bottiglieri, performing a tribal dance. The form is draped in brightly woven gold and coral decorations, symbolizing the psychic connection of the sh...

Toro Sculpture

By Raffaello Romanelli
Toro Sculpture
Raffaello Romanelli
2010s Italian Other Animal Sculptures
Iron, Plaster
Symbol of strength and virility, the bull is a staple in ancient Roman figurative art. The majestic head of the animal, animated by a powerful look and masterfully rendered musculatu...
Unusual Carved Harwood Blackamoor Stand
Antique 1850s European Victorian Sculptures and Carvings
Unusual carved hardwood blackamoor stand, having female figure leaning on vine with moulded leaf mounts supporting structured fabric platform on octagonal ebonized plinth with carved...
Medieval Style Witco Wall Art
William Westenhaver, Witco
Vintage 1960s American Mid-Century Modern Decorative Art
Large vintage Witco carved shield mounted on a field of green fabric. The shield is carved from cedar wood in the signature Witco technique. The imposing form is highlighted with red...
Massive Pair of Papier Mâché Paint Tubes
Vintage 1980s European Sculptures and Carvings
Oversized paint tubes made of Papier Mâché. Hand-painted graphics. Great pieces of pop art. 3-D objects. One green paint tube and one red. Cool graphics and bright coloring. Sold as ...
Unique, Rustic Carved Angel Door
20th Century Unknown Rustic Sculptures and Carvings
A rather unusual, seemingly one of a kind, hand-carved door featuring a one armed, triumphant angel. We have never seen anything quite like it. The door itself is amazingly detailed ...
Bob Stocksdale Set of Six Wood Turned Bowls
Bob Stocksdale
20th Century American Modern Sculptures and Carvings
A very handsome, darkly colored set of six bowl by American master wood turner Bob Stocksdale. All are signed and marked ("Mahogany of Guatemala") by Stocksdale. Stunning in any sett...
Tribal Lozi Bowl
Early 20th Century Zambian Tribal Tribal Art
A beautifully carved lidded bowl with a decorative handle in the form of a swimming duck. This vessel is graced with a lovely, developed patina that displays deep, dark browns alongs...
Carved American Eagle with Exceptional Form, Cr...
Antique Early 18th Century American Federal Sculptures and Carvings
Hand-carved eagle, spread-winged in flight, with its majestic head curled back as if gazing over its shoulder and its talons tucked beneath its midsection. Carved in the round and tr...

Demetre Chiparus Birgitta

By Demetre Chiparus
Demetre Chiparus Birgitta
Demetre Chiparus
20th Century French Art Deco Sculptures and Carvings
Birgitta, an Art Deco, terracotta bust of an elegant lady, set over a stepped, integral base. Inscribed Edition Reveyrolis Paris to rear. Signed DH Chiparus to base Artist: De...
Pair of Carved Tribal Net Buoys from Mentawai I...
Vintage 1960s Indonesian Tribal Tribal Art
Pair of carved tribal net buoys from Mentawai Island, mid-late 20th century. Mounted on metal Stands. Offered by Bruce Hughes. One of the traditional methods employed on the Mentaw...
Modern Abstract Three-Dimensional Brass Sculptu...
Vintage 1950s American Mid-Century Modern Animal Sculptures
Modern abstract three-dimensional sculpture "Bull". Very well executed. Anatomically correct..signed WW...Perfect addition to your Mid-Century Modern environment.
Carved Tribal Door Panel Monkey Motif, Mentawai...
Mid-20th Century Indonesian Tribal Tribal Art
Carved tribal door panel, gibbon motif. From the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, mid-20th century. Offered by Bruce Hughes. The Bilou gibbon is an centrally important motif often enco...
S XX Granite Torso Spanish sculpture , Signed
Francisco Pazos
20th Century Spanish Classical Greek Busts
An extraordinary sculpture in granite, signed by Francisco Pazos, well know Spanish artist. Unique piece.With signature
Vintage Copper Large Table-Top Fish Sculpture, ...
Alex Kovacs
Vintage 1970s American Brutalist Animal Sculptures
Copper, Steel, Wool
This fine midcentury hollow fish sculpture is by New York State artist Alex Kovacs in cooper, steel and driftwood in the Brutalist manner. It is signed and dated in a plaque "Kovacs ...
Pair of Antique Miniature Hand-Painted Folk Art...
Antique Late 19th Century American Folk Art Toys
Pair of antique miniature hand-painted Hitchcock style chairs. Black painted with rush seats, these miniature chairs are adorable! Dimensions: 5 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 3 inches.
Tall Teak Wood Asian Folk Art Sculpture of Elde...
Early 20th Century Asian Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
An elderly, bearded, Asian man carries a bowl of food, possibly noodles, with two mats tied to his back. Carved from a substantial piece of teak, this somber carving stands at almost...
Mid-20th Century Tribal Mask from Burkina Faso
Mid-20th Century South African Masks
Mid-20th century carved Burkina Faso tribal mask with hand rubbed coloration.
Mid-20th Century Central African Mask
Mid-20th Century Central African Masks
Mid-20th century Central African double figural carved and blackened tribal mask.
Native American Folk Art Carving of a Lizard by...
Navajo Indian Art
Mid-20th Century American Native American Outsider and Self Taught Art
Bog Wood
A lizard form carved of cottonwood with pigments. About the Artist: A Navajo Sheepherder and medicine man, Charlie Willeto began carving in 1960, just four years before his death...
Andrianna Shamaris Iron Mesh Container
Vintage 1920s Primitive Sculptures and Carvings
Antique folk art from Flores. Hand woven iron mesh container with whimsical top. Andrianna Shamaris, Inc. The Leader In Modern Organic Design™
Classicist Altar / Temple, circa 1790
Antique Late 18th Century German Sculptures and Carvings
Stucco, Wood
Antique altar / temple in classicism. Solid wood with stucco elements. The temple is built on four saber-shaped columns which are richly decorated. Removable top consisting of three ...
Late 19thC. Indonesian "Madura" Decorated Ship'...
Antique Late 19th Century Indonesian Nautical Objects
Late 19th century, Indonesian "Madura" lacquered and embellished carved and lacquered wood boat prow.
Chinese Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figure of Guan...
20th Century Chinese Chinese Export Figurative Sculptures
A Buddhist Chinese blanc de chine porcelain figure of Guanyin or Guan Yin ?? "Goddess of Mercy" The seated figure in lalitasana on a rock-form by the sea-shore and resting on her kne...
Folk Art Carved Morel Mushroom Sculpture, Mid-2...
Mid-20th Century American Sculptures and Carvings
Folk art carved morel mushroom sculpture The rough, uneven surface of this delightful sculpture suggests it was carved with a chain saw, possibly from a telephone pole. The bas...
Antique Rice Mortar, Medium
Mid-20th Century Mid-Century Modern Sculptures and Carvings
Beautiful antique rice mortar, medium.
Pair of Tole Figures, circa 1820-1840
Antique Early 19th Century French Romantic Sculptures and Carvings
Tin, Paint
Pair of tole figures, each dressed in traditional costume and carrying buckets. For decades, tole figures of this type- a man and woman dressed in traditional rural costume with b...
Large, Carved Polychrome Buddha Head/ Bust on S...
20th Century Asian Sculptures and Carvings
A large polychrome Buddha bust on an acrylic base. Stunning piece, wonderfully executed. From a larger collection of Asian artifacts and religious works. Would make a great centerpie...
Carved Wood & Gilt-Lacquered Sculpture of Seate...
Antique 19th Century Japanese Edo Sculptures and Carvings
Wood, Lacquer
This truly a magnificent piece. Stunning. Beautiful. Supremely serene. Meticulously hand-carved in such fine and amazing detail (see hands and flowing robes). Gilded throughout. S...
Large African or Dogon Carved Tintam Figure
20th Century Malian Tribal Sculptures and Carvings
Steel, Wood
Wonderfully carved, heavy and substantial. This monumental Tintam figure with raised arms and hands (widely interpreted as a gesture of prayer and an appeal to the Heavens for rain) ...
Japanese Bunraku Ningyo Joruri Puppet Head in D...
Mid-20th Century Japanese Showa Sculptures and Carvings
This is a spectacular piece. Mesmerizing. Bunraku, also commonly known as Ningyo Joruri, is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theatre, founded in Osaka in the beginning of 17...
Large Carved Wood, Lacquer and Gilt Standing Th...
Antique 19th Century Thai Sculptures and Carvings
Wood, Lacquer
Ornately carved and decorated and standing nearly 6 foot tall. This is truly a mesmerizing piece. Likely Thai but could also be from Laos as they share many similar features and char...
Large Tibetan Hand-Carved and Painted Dharma Wheel
20th Century Tibetan Sculptures and Carvings
This piece is truly impressive in every way shape and form. Large and substantially heavy. Made of solid wood. Possibly gold leafed (we have not verified either way. The gold colorin...
Otto Natzler Oval Form Vessel with Fragmented Top
Otto Natzler
Vintage 1970s American Modern Ceramics
Sublime in its simplicity, form and design. Pale color with distinctive crater glaze. This is a truly amazing piece. Will give aesthetic pleasure for years to come. Signed and st...
American Eagle, Hand-Carved, Wooden and Gilt Sp...
Early 20th Century Political and Patriotic Memorabilia
Striking example of an early 20th century American hand-carved wooden eagle depicted with wings spread wide, perfect for hanging.
Pair of Late 17th Century Carved Oak Panels
Antique 17th Century European Tudor Sculptures and Carvings
A fine pair of late 17th century carved oak panels depicting religious scenes. Most probably from Northern France. Each panel has had later boards attached to the left and right o...
Tribal Wood Stool Lizard Motif, Fulani of Niger...
Vintage 1960s Nigerien Tribal Tribal Art
Small tribal wooden stool with lizard motif. 15" long. Fulani people of Niger, mid-late 20th century. Offered by Bruce Hughes. This playful rustic wooden stool was fashioned by han...
Small Tribal Wooden Stool, Animal Motif, Fulani...
Vintage 1960s Nigerien Tribal Tribal Art
Small tribal wooden stool, animal motif. Fulani people of Niger, Mid-late 20th century. Offered by Bruce Hughes. This playful rustic wooden stool was fashioned by hand from a singl...
Tribal Wood Stool with Lizard Motif, Niger, Mid...
Vintage 1960s Nigerien Tribal Tribal Art
Small tribal wooden stool, 19.5" long. With lizard motif. Fulani people of Niger, mid-late 20th century. Offered by Bruce Hughes. This playful rustic wooden stool was fashioned by ...
Nodding Head Figurine of Victorian Coachman IN ...
Antique 1830s English Early Victorian Sculptures and Carvings
Nodding head figurine of a Victorian London coachman. He wears the overcoat and large rain hat typical of his trade. With a slight frown on his face he holds his hand out with a few ...
Austrian Bronze Cockatoo
20th Century Austrian Art Deco Sculptures and Carvings
An early 20th century cold painted bronze study of a cockatoo parrot. Stamped Austria to tail.     
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