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Rare Gabonese African Harp
Gabonese Tribal Art
A rare figurative harp from made by the Vuvi or Tsogo people of Gabon. It is an instrument traditionally played by young men and boys. These rare instruments are well known for their...
Collection of Ndebele Fertility Dolls
African Toys and Dolls
A group of six collected Ndebele hand beaded fertility dolls of various sizes and designs. The dolls are made in secret by the maternal grandmother of the bride and ritually presente...
Tuko-See-Mathla, a Seminole Chief, Hand-Colored...
This is a hand-colored lithograph from Thomas McKenney and James Hall's 1836 definitive study of Native American's entitled -- History of the Indian Tribes of North America. "One of ...
Ceremonial Knife
Congolese Tribal Art
This vintage 19th century ceremonial knife, from the Batelela tribe of northern Congo, was also considered a form of currency.

Set of Two Moroccan Antique Tribal Gun Powder Case Flask

$520 Sale Price / set
20% Off
Set of Two Moroccan Antique Tribal Gun Powder C...
Moroccan Artist
Moroccan Tribal Art
Brass, Bone, Tin, Wood
Moroccan antique tribal gun powder case flask, wood covered with brass and silver filigree, delicately hand-hammered brass with animals decor for power protection, the top open and t...

Moroccan Arabian Jambiya Sword Large Dagger

Moroccan Arabian Jambiya Sword Large Dagger
Berber Tribes of Morocco
Moroccan Arms, Armor and Weapons
Moroccan Arabian koumaya or Jambiya, which is the name for the Arabic dagger. Ornate with brass and silvered steel hammered element and wood handle. The dagger is very large and it...
Custom Made Shell, Coral & Silver Necklace by C...
Moroccan Collectible Jewelry
Silver, Shell, Cord
A custom-made necklace by famous Moroccan jeweler chez faouzi of marrakesh. A double stranded 30.5" necklace made with an African conus shell, coral and antique Moroccan silver penda...
19th Century Tribal Papua New Guinea Stone Celt...
Papua New Guinean Tribal Art
Veins of taupe run and scatter down the length of the dark green, striated face of this beautiful currency stone. With its subtle color transitions and multitude of organic details, ...