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19th Century French Blacksmith Shop Sign
French More Folk Art
This sign figures a traditional bouquet of St. Eloi, made in honor of the patron of metal craftsmen. Its purpose is to show the different types of horseshoes that could be executed b...
1930s Texaco Motor Oil Double-Sided Porcelain C...
American Historical Memorabilia
Classic and is still absolutely vibrant! This Texaco advertising sign is double sided and was normally used on the curbside or near a sidewalk. That would make this sign visible from...
1920s HEXDEES Spring Control Vintage Double-Sid...
Detroit Steel Products Company
American More Folk Art
This sign was made for the Detroit Steel Products Company to advertise their chassis spring control. Very early 1920-1930s tin sign and not many survived over the years.
Cash Register, “National”, circa 1900
American Collectibles and Curiosities
Cash register in nickel-plated chased brass with white marble edge. “National”, Dayton Ohio, USA, 1880-1910. A very decorative refurbished and functional cash register.
19th Century Rosewood Walking Stick with Dagger...
English Arms, Armor and Weapons
Steel, Rosewood
Rosewood walking stick with secret dagger. The blade is finely engraved Toledo steel. The handle is carved in the shape of a hoof made of horn. A horse shoe is attached to the hoof w...
18th Century Rocking Horse
Swedish Toys and Dolls
Exceptional 18th century Swedish Rococo wooden rocking horse in original color with great proportions and detail. Original horse hair on mane and tail, circa 1750, Sweden.
18th Century Hand Powered Machine
Swedish More Furniture and Collectibles
Sculptural 18th century hand powered machine in wood with an fantastic surface, Sweden, circa 1750.

"Carson" Colcha Embroidery

By Sophie Varos Graves
"Carson" Colcha Embroidery
Sophie Varos Graves
American More Folk Art
Colcha embroidery. Region / Tribe: Northern New Mexico / Spanish Colonial. circa mid-20th century. Material: Wool on cotton. Dimension: H. 28” x W. 23”. Condition: Exc...