Vintage Moroccan Rug


This charming vintage Moroccan rug features a delightful double-lozenge medallion surrounded by radiant outlines. The sumptuously textured field features a beautiful variety of colorful outlines with discontinuous segments rendered in a bold assortment of contrasting colors. The vibrant, boldly decorated field features a splendid array of high-chroma colors, including somber blues and greens along with subdued hues of purple and kohl black, which are juxtaposed against segments of golden-yellow, ivory, celadon, royal blue, crimson and bubblegum pink. Polychromatic tufts, saturated stripes and soft neutrals emphasize the luxurious texture of the beautifully colored field. Discontinuous outlines, contrasting segments and irregular lines add a charming abstract air to the colorful composition.
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