Cocktail Sofa Table 'the Offering' Glen Baghurst Stone Primitive Sculpture

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This monolithic table is made from one piece of Swedish Diabase, a material prized by Japanese sculptors for its ability to achieve a rich depth of blackness. Offering tables were used by ancient cultures to place offerings in small vessels carved into the table. This table has been created to allow you to present your own prized offerings and enjoy them in this life.

One large piece of premium Swedish diabase is cut to size. It is then split in two and shaped by diamond cutting tools. The stone is then worked by hand by the master craftspeople to create the shape. The stone is polished to a finish known as satin, which was selected by the designer Glen Baghurst as its gives a nice lustre but is closer to a matte finish commonly used in sculpture.

The decision was made to make the carvings in the table small and abstract as a representation of the vessels that are found on the surface of ancient offering tables. Baghurst did not want to dictate the type of things served on this table like he did with ‘The Champagne Table’ because he liked the idea that there are certain rituals involving specific vessels and tools that one might use. For example a Japanese tea set or a Russian crystal caviar set.

Swedish Diabase is an exclusive, beautiful and fascinating rock, as rare as it is difficult to access. It was formed during enormous volcanic eruptions from the earth’s inner core approximately 900 to 1500 million years ago, as molten magma was forced upwards towards the earth’s surface through narrow cracks in the parent rock. The Diabase from Lönsboda is considered to be the absolute premier in Diabase and the most demanded all-over the world.

Kullaro is located in Lönsboda, northeast of Scania in southern Sweden where the Diabase has reached the daylight. They use machines with efficient diamond cutting blades however a lot of their work is still done with the same tools that were used more than a hundred years ago. Their products are manufactured on site and are displayed in their showroom.

Glen Baghurst [Australian/Swedish, b. 1984]
The Offering Table, cocktail table / sofa table, 2017
Swedish Diabase.
Produced by Kullaro.


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    14.57 in. H x 40.55 in. W x 15.75 in. D
    37 cm H x 103 cm W x 40 cm D
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    Malmo, Sweden
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About the Maker

Glen Baghurst is both a designer and co-producer of products and furniture. His work explores luxury ideas within a simple Scandinavian style. Baghurst often collaborates with traditional craftspeople to produce his work. For example the 'Grand' armchair is made by a master piano maker in Vienna, Austria and 'The Champagne Table' from master bellmakers in Ystad, Sweden. Baghurst's oeuvre utilizes the traditional skills and handcrafts of the craftspeople but takes them out of context to create new forms and proposals. Glen Baghurst has his design studios in Malmö Sweden and his native country Sydney, Australia.
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