Sorry, Alexandre Charpentier, "Le Chant" La Sculpture", Two Art Nouveau Bronze Plaques is not currently available.
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French Art Nouveau Dark Polychromed Plaster Hor...
French Wall-mounted Sculptures
Mother-of-Pearl, Glass, Plaster, Oak
French Art Nouveau dark polychromed plaster horizontal wall plaque with a carved relief of a woman inlaid with mother-of-pearl and glass cabochons in an oak frame (signed: SF).     
Art Deco Patinated Bronze Relief of the Discus ...
Unknown Wall-mounted Sculptures
The life-size muscular figure rests his left hand on his right knee, and holds a discus in his raised left arm. He stands on an elliptical base. Inspired by the famous Classical G...
Monumental Art Deco 1930s Bas Relief Plaster Wr...
American Wall-mounted Sculptures
An incredible study of two wrestlers locked in a leg hold in the ring. The work, by an unknown WPA era artist of the 1930s, came out of a gymnasium of the University of Denver, Color...
Art Deco Wall Sculpture
American Decorative Art
Majestic Architectural Art Deco Wall Sculpture from an Art Deco Theater, in Plaster with Silver Leaf Finish.
Abbott Pattison Abstract Bronze Wall Sculpture
Abbott Pattison
American Wall-mounted Sculptures
Unique abstract cast bronze wall sculpture by Chicago artist Abbott Pattison (1916-1999). After receiving his B.F.A. from Yale in 1939, and a stint in the Navy, Pattison returned to ...
Paul Evans Sculpted Bronze Resin Brutalist Wall...
Paul Evans
American Wall-mounted Sculptures
Bronze, Plywood
Paul Evans Sculpted Bronze Resin Hanging Wall Mount Relief Artwork. Featuring a rectangular three dimensional sculpted geometric shapes in varying depths on a Plywood frame. Fine ex...
Bill Mack, Large Bonded Bronze Relief
Bill Mack
American Wall-mounted Sculptures
Bonded bronze relief of a semi nude female by American artist Bill Mack. (B. 1944.) Numbered in upper right 71/95. Signed in upper left.
"Prying Coal," Art Deco Bronze Sculptural Panel...
Anna von Koranyi
Hungarian Sculptures
This extraordinary bronze panel by Hungarian artist Anna von Koranyi, depicting a group of nude miners working deep underground to extract coal, shows signs of Cubism and the impendi...