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Supporting You to Do Your Best Work

As a Design Manager customer, soon it will be easier than ever to manage your business—from product discovery to profitability—so you can save time and focus on design.

Seamless E-Commerce Integration

Look forward to a simplified workflow with e-commerce integrations throughout your design processes. Starting now, you can add items from 1stdibs to your Design Manager account in one click.

The Design Manager You Love, Made Better

Get ready for the improvements you’ve been waiting for (and then some). From a beautiful, easier-to-use platform to free offers on upgrades and added support, we’re just getting started.

Designer-Focused Support With 1stdibs

Take advantage of trade-exclusive pricing, personalized support, buyer protection and insider-only opportunities to promote your brand. Plus enjoy extra perks like Designer Connection access, event invites and more.

What’s New For Design Manager Customers

We’re committed to developing tools that make running your design business easier. These features and services exclusively for current Design Manager customers are just the beginning.*


Enhanced Features

Elevate your workflow management right away and get excited for future improvements.

  • Access to the new and improved Design Manager Pro for all current Pro accounts
  • Standard accounts get a free upgrade to Design Manager Pro for the rest of 2019
  • One-click integration so you can easily add items from 1stdibs product pages to your Design Manager Pro account

Premium Services

Boost your membership experience with Design Manager and 1stdibs.

  • Unlimited Design Manager users for the rest of 2019
  • Free Design Manager tech support starting June 01, 2019
  • 1stdibs Trade account for exclusive benefits and support
  • Direct feedback sharing through the Design Manager User Group

Even More Perks

Enjoy special benefits that help you grow your business beyond the day-to-day.

  • New client potential with the 1stdibs Designer Connection service, typically reserved for Bronze+ members in our Trade Rewards program
  • Exclusive 1stdibs event invites
  • 1stdibs Gallery VIP experience including swag on your first visit

Share Your Feedback

Join our Design Manager User Group to help us build the best tool for the design community.

Not a 1stdibs member?

Join today to start sourcing the world’s most beautiful things while managing your business with ease.

Have Questions? Start Here

Why is 1stdibs doing this?

At 1stdibs, we’re always innovating so that firms like yours have the tools and support you need to create the world’s most beautiful spaces.

Our goal, together with Design Manager, is to help you save time and manage your business more effectively while providing access to world-class design, trade-exclusive pricing and personalized support from inspiration to installation.

How does this affect my 1stdibs account?

The short answer: It doesn’t. What’s different is the ability to connect your 1stdibs and Design Manager accounts. Now, as you shop 1stdibs you can add items to Design Manager in one click. Plus, if you’re a new 1stdibs Trade program member, you’ll have immediate access to select perks typically reserved for Bronze status and above.

I don’t have a 1stdibs account, how can I sign up?

Register for a 1stdibs account and we’ll automatically enroll you in the 1stdibs Trade program. You’ll also get a free consultation with one of our Account Managers.

How does this affect my Design Manager account?

Right away, we’ll begin making the improvements you’ve been asking for, like easier item entry and free support.

Over the next few months, we’ll work closely with firms like yours to understand your workflow management needs. With your insight and feedback, we’ll build features and functions that work seamlessly with your business. We’re just getting started, so be on the lookout for exciting developments throughout the year.

I have a modified Design Manager Pro account, can I access the one-click integration tool?

Yes, simply email Design Manager at sales@designmanager.com to discuss updates to your account so that you can unlock this feature.

I have a Pro account, but why am I not seeing the one-click integration with 1stdibs?

This feature is only available in the latest version of Design Manager Pro. All current Design Manager Pro accounts will be transitioned over to the new version of Pro by the end of May 2019—at which time you’ll see this new feature.

I have a Standard Design Manager account, how do I upgrade for free to Pro?

You will receive a free upgrade to Pro through December 2019. Starting January 1, 2020 your account will be billed at the standard Design Manager Pro billing rate. Email Design Manager at sales@designmanager.com or complete the on-site form that pops up the next time you log into your 1stdibs account. Contact sales@designmanager.com to revert to a Standard account.

Will my data privacy be affected?

1stdibs and Design Manager always put your privacy first. Rest assured that your financial data, client information, vendor data and any other business information is safe and protected. We will use your information only as permitted by the 1stdibs and Design Manager Privacy Policies available here and here.

How will this affect 1stdibs sellers?

When it’s easier for designers to source online, it’s easier for our sellers to grow their businesses. By joining forces, we’re further investing in the design community as a whole, including sellers.

*All benefits and features listed are for current Design Manager customers, as of May 7, 2019. Those with modified accounts must call Design Manager to unlock the one-click product feature on 1stdibs.com. This feature is only available with the newest version of Design Manager Pro. Current Pro accounts will be transitioned to the new version by the end of May 2019. Standard accounts that upgrade to a Pro account will be billable at Design Manager Pro rates starting January 1, 2020.
**Terms and conditions apply. Includes shipping up to $500 on purchase of $1,000 or more. Offer ends June 4, 2019