Sorry, Iconic PAULINE TRIGERE Gilt Chainmaille Bibb Necklace is not currently available.
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Agate Slice Necklace
Valentin Magro
This necklace is made in 18kt yellow gold, with agate slices and is finished with a ring and toggle clap.
Chrysophrase Aquamarine Gold Necklace
Valentin Magro
This necklace features 17 round 18mm chrysophrase Ball necklace with 7mm aquamarine roundels and medium ring and toggle in 18kt yellow gold.
Victorian Gem Gold Necklace
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Warm color radiates from this graceful gem necklace, of English origin, The stones, set in 15kt gold are radiant garnets, white sapphires and natural smoky green zirconia. The beauty...
Yossi Harari Gold Necklace
Yossi Harari
Yossi Harari 24kt Gold Necklace. Hand wrought and hammered disk shaped 24kt necklace by iconic designer yossi Harari. Signed
Victorian Assemblage Necklace
Victorian assemblage necklace composed of 14kt double watch chain holding a Victorian carnelian intaglio charm, a gold and ebony hand with key, and an intaglio fob. One of a kind and...
Contemporary Italian Designer Necklace
Contemporary piece from Italian designer, Licia Mattioli. Despite its modern appearance, this piece utilizes Old World luxury and craftsmanship. Comprised of 18kt gold and diamonds. ...
Gold Crosses Necklace
Beautiful, stylish vintage 18ct gold necklace; this is crafted in a flexible woven design formed of two sections, linked by crosses. This necklace is very confortable to wear due ...
1970 Misani Design Necklace
'70 Misani design gold silver and plexiglass necklace