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Photography: Eric Laignel

Castle of Color

Apartment by Kati Curtis Design in New York, NY

For this Chelsea Interior Design project, the client said to us: “This is going to be our home for a very long time and we want it to reflect us.” And then they added something else, “ Do what you do best.”With that vote of confidence, but more than that–with their complete trust, we began designing their 2800 square foot Chelsea Penthouse.(And soon we began gutting it!) But the thought stayed with us, and throughout the journey we kept asking ourselves, “ What do we do best?” All along the way we found clues to the answer. It was there when we pushed them towards a new level of pattern and color. It was there again when we asked them to consider an evocative mix of antiques (hello, 14th century? Indian chair) with the new (well, relatively new mid-century modern.) And when we asked them to stretch, (okay, leap) out of their comfort zone. (“A flower wall?”) We brought them more variety, gave them more texture, added more layers because each one reflected who they are: equestrian elements–her love for horses; Indian influences– their love of travel, and a room dedicated to extended visits– their love of family.