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Photography: Zeke Ruelas

Cavendish Drive

Family Home by Jennifer Davis Interior Design in Los Angeles

The splendor of this cheerful project was found in the client's inspired thirst for citrus colors while still maintaining a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This active family home is a buzz of activity with three small children and constant flow of friends. We found the transitional style worked perfectly for their family needs. By adhering to classic structured furniture arrangements, we were able to balance the addition of some of the bright colors with modern elegance. The home is filled with soft custom upholstery, including swivel chairs and sofas designed for comfort. Window treatments feature organic linens that help both obscure and allow natural light to pass through. We were often on the hunt for individual furnishings with modern adaptations. For example the Foyer console also serves double duty as a shoe cabinet to help maintain a home that requests removing your shoes upon entering. We were able to meet the client requests and needs with playful details and welcoming spirit.

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