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Photography: Lee Manning

Home Again

Family Home by Timothy Corrigan, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA

This home, built in 1922, is an example of the Georgian Colonial Revival style. It has a Central Hall Plan where all rooms are connected to the hall and if the doors to the Family Room were open, you would be able to see the garden behind. This was Timothy Corrigan's boyhood home from ages 7 to 11 when his parents sold it and moved away. When it came on the market in 2006 he sent the sellers a picture of himself as a boy, sitting in the pool, with a note “please let me come home.” Since purchasing it, he has made architectural and design changes, creating an extraordinarily comfortable home, filled with precious antiques and fine paintings, furniture, and sculptures, most from the late 18th and early 19th centuries – the Neo-Classic period. Many relate directly to France, Napoleon or to the Napoleonic era. This is a formal home, yet despite its formality, Mr. Corrigan has achieved a wonderful balance between old world elegance, comfort, and warmth.