Long Island Beach House
Beach House by Kelly Behun | STUDIO in New York, NY

This is my home, the place where I most like to experiment, and the most pure expression of my personal design aesthetic. The house has evolved into something of a laboratory for my work, I am always moving things around, doing interventions on existing pieces or prototyping new designs, most of which end up here not always to my husband’s delight. The architecture is classically modern, with large volumes of limestone and glass tempered by matte plaster walls and warmly toned walnut floors. Most of the furnishings are either made by hand or have a hand wrought quality, with lots of vintage pieces, carved woods and textiles from around the world. The curved plaster staircase is a focal point meant to evoke both a nautilus shell and the powdery whitewashed tones of the Greek Islands. Our favorite gathering place is my husband’s library which glows at night from lighted bookshelves and where he usually presides from behind his desk, made from a discarded section of metal retaining wall.

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Photography: William Waldron