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What are the main features of Art Deco furniture?

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What are the main features of Art Deco furniture?

The main features of Art Deco furniture are bold geometric lines and forms, and an integration of expensive materials such as shagreen or marble as well as exotic woods such as mahogany, ebony and zebra wood. 

The Art Deco era made an indelible mark on all fields of design throughout the 1920s and ’30s, and while the period yielded a range of stylistically diverse furnishings, interiors and objects, collectors will typically find the period’s deskstables and chairs embellished with metal accents, animal hides, ivory or mother-of-pearl inlays and shimmering mirrored finishes. 

Widely known designers associated with the Art Deco style include Émile-Jacques RuhlmannEileen GrayMaurice DufrênePaul Follot and Jules Leleu. The term Art Deco derives from the name of a large decorative arts exhibition held in Paris in 1925. “Art Deco design” is often used broadly, to describe the work of creators in associated or ancillary styles. This is particularly true of American Art Deco, which is also called Streamline Moderne or Machine Age design. (Streamline Moderne, sometimes known as Art Moderne, was a phenomenon largely of the 1930s, post–Art Nouveau.)

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1stDibs ExpertApril 5, 2022
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Il Mobile Déco Italiano (Book)
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known designers of Italian Art Deco furniture through the 1920s and 1930s, this includes Osvaldo Borsani

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Italian Art Deco Lamp
By Art Decor
Located in Ciudad Autónoma Buenos Aires, C
Italian Art Deco desk lamp. Chromed metal and black enameled shade. Italy, circa 1940.

Vintage 1940s Italian Art Deco Table Lamps



Column Wood Walnut 1930 Italy
By Continental Art Deco
Located in Milano, IT
Column Base appoggio 11cm x11cm.

Vintage 1930s Art Deco Tables



Pair of Italian Art Deco Brass Plate, 1940s
Located in Meda, MB
Pair of hanging brass plates produced in Italy in the 1940s. The Classic Art Deco subjects are

Vintage 1940s Italian Art Deco Decorative Art



Art Deco Style Blue Crystal Italian Commode, Chest of Drawers
By Vintage Italian Glass
Located in Valladolid, ES
of furniture recalls the Art Deco designs of the first quarter of the 20th century. Handwork by

2010s Italian Art Deco Commodes and Chests of Drawers


Crystal, Aluminum

Art Deco pink ceramic shell bowl. Italy 1930s
Located in Catania, CT
. Produced in Italy during the 30s.

Early 20th Century Italian Art Deco Ceramics



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