Sorry, Katjarra Butler Ngamurru 2016 is not currently available.
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Inner Journey 16
regina scully
Acrylic, Archival Paper
With intuitive mark-making, Regina Scully uses paint to both spontaneously and meticulously layer brushstroke and color to create imagined environments. Space is divided up and consi...
Martin Benson
Birch, Acrylic
Martin Benson is a painter, sculptor, and installation artist. His work emerges from his meditation practice, which peels back the layers of identity until a place of pure clarity an...
I'm Down With That
Ken Tate
Canvas, Acrylic
Louisiana non-figurative artist Ken Tate’s art explores the more emotional aspects of the human condition. The impetus for the current work comes from the writings of Beats such as ...
Fall in Love
Doug Smith
Canvas, Acrylic
Born and raised in San Francisco, Doug Smith was fortunate to have talented, creative parents who recognized his own talent from an early age and encouraged him to pursue his art. Hi...
Doug Smith
Canvas, Acrylic
New works have arrived and are now available. Doug Smith combines the exuberance of modernism and the arresting intimacy of the realistically familiar. Traditional farmhouses and we...
Gary Petersen
Acrylic, Canvas
Geometric abstract acrylic and canvas painting. Vibrant palette.
Moving Violation #7
Judith Foosaner
Canvas, Paper, Acrylic
acrylic and paper collage on stretched canvas Judith Foosaner’s images are filled with biomorphic forms, plant accumulation, and calligraphic marks, allowing the subtlety of line ...
Night Light
Dion Johnson
Canvas, Acrylic
acrylic on canvas Dion Johnson’s studio practice exists at the intersection of intention and reaction. His pared down visual vocabulary in combination with hard-edged abstraction ...