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Allegory of Desire
John Wood
Paper, Wax, Oil, Wood Panel, Graphite
John Wood creates visceral beauty with his abstract, mixed-media paintings on paper, mounted to panel with cold wax varnish. His work is a free-flowing dance of gestural marks that s...
Graphite, Oil on Wood - Pale Fire I (New York, ...
Alexis Portilla
Oil, Wood Panel, Graphite
ABOUT THIS PIECE: Alexis Portilla obtained his Master's of Fine Arts at Columbia University in 1990. His bold linear lines, use of symbols, pictographs and strong colors create at...
Human Ecology 12
Sara Cole
Acrylic, Wood Panel, Archival Paper, Graphite
Sara V. Cole is a nationally represented, internationally exhibited author, teacher and fine art painter with a full-time art making studio practice. Cole earned her BFA in ceramic ...
Inceptions No. 2
Jutta Naim
Plaster, Charcoal, Acrylic, Wood Panel, Graphite, Pigment
Monochromatic, tactile, and highly personal in nature. Working with plaster on wood, Naim opts to use her hands to apply ink, chalk, charcoal, graphite and pigments to the ‘breathing...
Circles 33
Denise Driscoll
Latex, Acrylic, Wood Panel, Graphite
Denise Driscoll's "Circles 33" is a large 36 x 48 inch abstract painting in a wide range of bright yet delicate colors dominated by chartreuse and mint green. Tiny bead-like dots of ...
Circles 32 (Mycelium)
Denise Driscoll
Acrylic, Wood Panel, Graphite
In Denise Driscoll's "Circles 32 (Mycelium)", a vertically oriented abstract painting, an interlocking pattern of circles overlays a penciled grid of squares. The background is paint...
Circles 31 (Elusive)
Denise Driscoll
Latex, Acrylic, Wood Panel, Graphite
In Denise Driscoll's "Circles 31 (Elusive)" organic forms of green and coral float beneath highly textured grids of chalky ultramarine, teal and green-gold. Interlocking circles form...
One After Another
Rose Umerlik
Oil, Wood Panel, Graphite
One After Another by Rose Umerlik is an abstract triptych. Each panel is 48x28, Oil and Graphite on Wood panel. The total size is 48x84. Rose Umerlik extracts the intangible emoti...