Sorry, Ben James FLYING TIGERS WWII Nose Art Original Illustration 2004 is not currently available.
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They Shall Obtain Mercy

Eugene Francis Savage

Gouache, Illustration Board, Graphite

The poignant and beautiful "They Shall Obtain Mercy" is a large and important gouache with room-commanding presence which served as preparation for one of 11 allegorical mu...


Lingerie illustration for 1929 Au Printemps Cat...


Gouache, Graphite, Illustration Board, Ink

Original graphite, ink and gouache illustration, on chipboard. Displayed in a silver finished wood frame. Paris, 1929. This painting ia attributed to Jarach, but unsigned.


The Captive

James Meese

Gouache, Illustration Board

A blood red, action packed paperback cover painting by the prolific artist and illustrator James Alfred Meese, this appeared on an as of yet unidentified title. This large format oi...


Edwardian Beauty of The Motor Age

Malcolm Strauss

Gouache, Illustration Board

New York artist and illustrator Malcolm A. Strauss specialized in genre works of early motor carriages. The artist created posters for The Automobile Club of America showing early ca...


The Toast of Manhattan

Mahlon Blaine

Gouache, Illustration Board

In the late 1930s, avant-garde illustrator Mahlon Blaine, working under the pseudonym G. Christopher Hudson, created a series of ten illustrations, (this being the eighth) which were...


The Children's Theater

Bernard Gussow

Gouache, Illustration Board

This narrative and colorful painting by the Russian-American illustrator Bernard Gussow appeared as the cover for the March, 1925 issue of Theatre Magazine - The Magazine For Playgoe...


The Cottage

Herbert Paus

Gouache, Illustration Board

A well-rendered and precise colorful interior gouache painting of unknown usage by one of our favorite Art Deco-era illustrators Herbert Paus. This large, signed work depicts what ap...


Radio Device Guides the Blind

Joseph Pigone

Gouache, Illustration Board

Joseph Pignone created this haunting and just mesmerizing gouache illustration painting for the July 1934 cover of Radio-Craft magazine. In this visually commanding original cover il...