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The color of the dress, MAGENTA, gives the title of this impressive portrait.
As usual, Goyo Dominguez shows us the woman in all her beauty.
The golden background that surrounds and crowns the model accentuates its air of pure rose.
You will appreciate this elegant portrait of a girl of our time as well as the delicacy of the work that thanks to very light touches of paint highlighting the transparency of the dress and the soft complexion of the face.
Sold with its frame 70 cm x 62 cm x 3 cm
Dimension without frame: 55 cm x 46 cm
Goyo Dominguez said:
"From a very young age I began to feel attracted by the art of painting, and as of today it continues being my greatest passion. 
The first thing I do when I start a painting is to cover the surface with spots of paint, lacking concrete form. Later, I calmly observe these spots and I begin to perceive images that little by little I transform into concrete forms, for example, a landscape, a fruit, figures, and faces. 
During this creative process, I try to respect as much as possible the expressive energy from those original spots, as they are the roots that sustain the work.
I like to use different pictorial techniques: coal, graphite, watercolour, acrylic, oil…They are different paths that always convey you to the same destiny: the emotion of expressing with images your own ideas and feelings, your own life experiences."
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    27.56 in. H x 24.41 in. W x 1.18 in. D
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